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I am a huge fan of multi-port wall chargers. There are six people living in my apartment right now, and we all have smartphones. The one outlet near the couch in the common area is prime real estate to park chargers of said phones. Products like iClever’s Dual USB Wall Charger make living with 5 other people a tad easier.

I’ve enjoyed using the JOTO 4-Port Charger so far. Most of its trial has just been charging my phone and portable chargers overnight while I’ve been on the road, but I’m about to move into an apartment with multiple roommates, and I’m sure this will be useful for saving outlet space as well. It’s always fun having multiple smartphones in a small area, as you probably know.

The Sport Armband from Joto is designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. It has a comfortable, soft touch and is made out of lightweight neoprene so that it’s sweat proof.