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How-To: Enable Video for iOS Camera App 1

After discovering that the video option was missing from the Camera App on my iPhone, I discovered a fairly quick fix to this problem. Read this How-To to find out how to fix this randomly occurring iOS issue.

How-To: Shake Undo

This tip will show you how to quickly undo unnecessary typing when autocorrect takes over or when you just don’t have the necessary dexterity to complete your thoughts. It’s as easy as shaking your phone.

How-To: iOS Device Timer Parent Mode Hack

In my family, we have a love of old and new technology. My boys ages 6 and 4 (6 month old daughter, too) get to play with tech regularly. They regularly watch movies, play games, watch TV cartoons or YouTube videos (surprise egg videos are their thing right now) on my iPad 2 or iPad Air 2.

It is a blessing and a frustration that each iOS update brings new changes to known apps. The camera app is no different. Am I alone in filling up my device with images and videos? I suspect if you are reading this article, this is not unusual. So many images, so little space.

Only a week after it’s initial release, Apple has released an update to its mobile software to OS 9.0.1. This release fixes several bugs that were affecting functionality of the OS.

So today we found that a bug might exist in iOS 9 when it comes to using the new Content Blocking option. We received a message on Twitter about BlockBear not working to block ads. This concerned me because I had just written a review on how great of an ad blocking tool it was.

iOS 9 logo

With the launch of iOS 9 we now have the Apple News app available for all our news needs. We are very happy to announce that MacSources is available in Apple News!

iOS 9 logo

One of the newest features of iOS 9 is the integration of Content Blockers. You can use these in close to the same way you can in OS X. First, you will need to find a content blocker you like in the App Store.

As iOS 9 is launched, there are a lot of app developers that have not been able to update their apps to be compatible with the newest version of Apple’ mobile operating system. Fortunately, developer Readdle has updated all their flagship apps to work with all iOS devices running iOS 9.

Every year, non-developers download and install the newest copy of iOS and OS X. Maybe it’s because they want the newest version of the upcoming OS before anyone else, or maybe it’s a feature in the new OS they feel can make life easier for them.