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FUGOO today announced its rugged and waterproof Go Anywhere Bluetooth speakers are now available at Best Buy retail outlets throughout the U.S., and will be in Best Buy’s Canadian stores by mid-October. FUGOO’s highly acclaimed portable Bluetooth speakers have quickly become top-rated for their high-quality 360-degree audio, unparalleled battery life and IP67 rating which makes them 100 percent waterproof(1), shockproof, dust-proof and snow-proof.

Best Buy is enabling easy targeting for pranksters with their Apple TV demo they have setup. In my local Best Buy I noticed I was able to to connect and use AirPlay to stream any content from my phone or the internet at the display they had.

After months of anticipation, Best Buy has finally rolled out Apple Pay as a payment option at many of their retail store locations. You can now have a much more pleasant shopping experience by paying with your iPhone or Apple Watch.