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I’ve been using an Apple Watch for several months now on a daily basis. Before that, I wore a Garmin VivoActive for a few weeks and before that, I had a Garmin Vivofit and Vivofit 2 around my wrist.

Over the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to test out the HTC One M9 mobile phone. Admittedly, most of my smartphone experience has been with Apple iPhones, so this was a different experience for me.

Freehold Games’ Sproggiwood is now available on the world’s two most popular mobile platforms! An overwhelmingly cute (and devilishly challenging) roguelike for phones and tablets, Sproggiwood can now be purchased for $9.99 from the App Store and Google Play — free of any in-app purchases or ads. This is as premium as premium gets and a perfect match to the original PC game.