Versatile, stylish laptop bag.

T2 Hybrid Laptop Bag Review 2Growing up, I always had oversized backpacks. Those bags followed me into adulthood and were slightly modified to house laptops. As laptops have gotten slimmer and we’ve added tablets into our daily routine, backpacks have also slimmed down and specialized pockets have been made to hold all of our electronic devices. This hybrid laptop/notebook bag from VEHO brings all of the modern features into one bag.

VEHO’s T2 Hybrid Laptop Bag is a soft-sided, well-padded laptop bag that combines the carrying connivence of a backpack with the easy use of a messenger style, or rucksack, bag. It’s designed to hold laptops and notebooks of up to 15.6 inches and tablets up to 10 inches. There is a main compartment and outside pocket. The outside pocket is good for smaller accessories like cables and battery packs, plus there are inserts for pens and pencils included.

The main compartment has those specialized pockets I was speaking of earlier. There is one for a tablet and one for a laptop. In between the two pockets, there is enough space for important documents or other cables.

T2 Hybrid Laptop Bag Review 3Converting the T2 Hybrid between backpack and messenger bag is really pretty easy. There is a hidden pouch under the backpack straps were you can tuck the straps away – after detaching them from their D-rings. The messenger strap connects to two other D-rings on the side of the bag. When not in use, you can simply store the shoulder strap in the same pouch as the backpack straps. There is also a handle built-in to the top of the bag. If you don’t want to use any type of over-the-arm carrying feature.

I tested out the T2 Hybrid with my 13-inch MacBook Pro and my iPad Air 2. Because my laptop is on the smaller side, there was ample space in the laptop sleeve, in fact, there was a little too much space. Because this bag was made to fit laptops up to 15.6 inches, the extra space allows my 13-inch to slide around.

T2 Hybrid Laptop Bag Review 4Also, the tablet sleeve is really meant for a tablet with slim case or no case at all. I currently have my iPad Air 2 in a keyboard case, which adds some thickness to it. Therefore, my iPad Air 2 does not fit in the tablet sleeve.

I really like the design of this bag. It’s different and very functional. Even though it may not work perfectly with my MacBook Pro, I think it will work well with larger laptops. Smaller laptops will fit just fine, but you might want to add a little extra padding like a laptop sleeve, just to make sure your computer doesn’t slide around too much.

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