A durable, multi-purpose case that travels well. 

I’m a sucker for organization. Even though sometimes things might pile up around me, I am happiest when I see something get organized. I’m such a sucker for it, in fact, that one of the best gifts I received this year for Christmas was a rolling cart that I use to organize my cables in. As nice as it is to walk right up to the cart and be able to pull out a cable from the properly labeled drawer, I can’t take the cart with me everywhere. So, that’s why I rely on things like the Accessories Travel Case by Syncwire. Syncwire provides affordable, practical items for tech enthusiasts. The Accessories Travel Case is a really great add-on for anyone who travels or just wants to keep things organized. 


The case is an all-in-one travel bag that is designed to keep not only electronics organized, but it can also hold personal care items as well. The case is made with premium EVA and oxford fabric. It will protect your valuables from rain, dust, and even impact caused by falls or drops. The interior is ‘user-friendly’ and is designed to incorporate four separate Velcro straps to help users organize charging cables. The bag is lightweight and can be attached to backpacks using the metal loop. 


  • Product Dimensions 7.8” x 4.8” x 2.3” inches (external size)
  • Weight: 7.1 ounces
  • Material: Oxford cloth, EVA
  • What’s included: Syncwire Travel Bag, Magic cable tie (4), Sachet, Snap Hook


The box the travel bag comes in is mostly white with some turquoise highlight colors included (Syncwire’s brand colors). There is a nice image of the product included on the cover of the box and featured details on the back. There is also company information included on the back of the carton. The product package that arrived for me unfortunately had a rip in the front of the box. I believe this was the fault of how it was shipped and handled, but I felt it was worth noting because the product inside was not harmed despite the exterior breech. The case is wrapped in tissue paper and the paper was not torn in any way. 

The case is compact – only slightly larger than my iPhone 12 Pro in a case. It has a very sturdy handle that is securely sewed into the body of the case. There are loops on either side of the handle that can be utilized to attach a carabiner so that users can connect it to another bag. There are 2 metal zipper pulls that seem to be very strong while the zipper itself is flexible and easy to open and close. When you open the case, you will find a two-sided chamber for storing items. One side is deeper than the other. The left-hand side has a pocket that is very slim. It’s about the size of a mobile phone (without a case) or a slim hard drive. On the outside of the pocket is a mesh pocket that could be used for smaller charging cables. 

The right-hand side (the deeper side) has a mesh barrier that covers approximately half of the side (vertically oriented). This mesh barrier doesn’t seem to have a definitive purpose other than keeping contents from falling out of one side of the storage compartment. Inside the compartment, you will find a plastic sleeve that contains the aforementioned Velcro cable straps, a carabiner (metal loop), and a user guide that doesn’t have any directions for use, but it does include information on the warranty. 

This is a very versatile case. Syncwire left the interpretation on how to use it up to the user, which is great because it opens up a lot of possibilities. Personally, when I look at this open, empty case, I see it filled with portable hard drives and connector cables. I have portable hard drives of varying sizes so I could see this as an opportunity to divide them up according to what I use them for. I could also see this being very useful as an emergency kit. For example, you could easily throw some small first aid materials into it (small flashlight, bandaids, disinfecting wipes, etc.) for easy use when you are on the go. 


Syncwire has designed a very nice accessory case that is perfect for multiple uses. It’s stylish with its charcoal grey exterior and black accents and made for activity. The materials seem to be extremely durable and the semi-hard shell container protects its contents quite nicely.  

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