Headphones provide strong Bluetooth connection with snug fit.

Syllable D700 Bluetooth Headphones Review 3My experience with the Syllable Wireless Sports Earbuds was a mostly pleasant one. My first impression was of its light weight construction and simple interface. It is easy to pair and I had no problem getting it to work with my LG G3 smartphone. It comes with 3 sets of rubber ear pieces from small to large so one is likely to fit your ears well. Also in the box is a USB micro charging cable and a tiny fold out instruction guide that features reasonable good English instructions.

Syllable D700 Bluetooth Headphones Review 4The headset uses voice to guide you through the pairing process and to let you know when you’ve held the button long enough to turn the thing on. I had no difficulty using any of the electronic features of the device. I did however have some difficulty learning how to put the headphones on. These are the type with hooks that go behind your ears. My past experience with this type of headphones was a very unpleasant one, and while these are better than most I’ve tried, it still was difficult for me. I tried all three sets of ear pieces and I was never able to get one that really fit satisfactorily. I settled with the largest one, and I eventually over a few runs got somewhat used to it. Its weight was no issue for me while running.

Syllable D700 Bluetooth Headphones Review 5As you know with earbuds, the only way to get really solid bass response is to have them fit snugly in your ear. I was pretty disappointed with these in this regard. I got great performance for making phone calls, but my music was kind of lifeless. Pushing the earbuds into my ears a little further than the hooks normally allow the headset to rest helped a bit, but obviously not a permanent solution. I think your mileage will vary. If you’ve had a good experience with these type of earbuds in the past, you will probably be pleased with them. For me however, they just weren’t good enough to become my daily running earbuds.

Syllable D700 Bluetooth Headphones Review 6I was pleased with the Bluetooth performance of these headphones. I run while holding my smartphone, and there were no connectivity problems. After my run if put my phone in my back pocket, I got some drop outs, but none if I kept it in the front. Compared to other wireless headphones, it was as good or better.

In summary, I would give these a try if you know you like the type of earbuds that hook behind your ears and really like the idea of not having a wire reach into your pocket and hook to your smartphone. I also really recommend them for someone who wants a hands-free set for phone calls. However, for me the difficulty with bass response and snug fit prevent me from using them the way I hoped.