SwitchEasy Play iPhone Case

I’m always on the hunt for an iPhone case that is has another function other than holding my iPhone while still showing off the awesome design of the iPhone. I choose my phone. Because it’s visually appealing and just like an awesome sports car, I want the world to bask in its glory.

SwitchEasy Play iPhone Case Review

In my search I found the SwitchEasy Play iPhone case. The Play iPhone case is incredibly light, weighing in at only 17 grams. With a lot of the cases on the market you can tell that it is weighing the phone down. You can’t tell that the Play is on the phone by the weight. This is also a huge draw back of protective cases. The corners of the clear case are a little bit thicker, while still being very thin, to protect against drops. The edges still have the buttons for the side of the phone, but are very responsive. The buttons aren’t thick like competitors, making pressing the buttons feel like there isn’t a case at all.

SwitchEasy Play iPhone Case Review

The back camera, vibrate switch, and the bottom ports are punches out Like most cases. The clear design still lets you show off the beauty of the iPhone while being thin, light, and not bulky. A common problem with a lot of cases that are big and bulky is slipping it in and out of a pocket and it snags or gals out of the pockets or your hand while doing so. While the Play adores my have this problem, o=I didn’t notice that the stand on the back does stick out just a bit causing a snag, but it’s not very noticeable.

SwitchEasy Play iPhone Case ReviewThe design of the Play that makes it more than just a case is the stand on the back. The stand flips open with one finger to display your phone in landscape mode for all of your multimedia pleasure. The cool feature about the stand is the ability to pull the stand out of the case and flip it. This ensures that both right and left handed people can flip the stand open with ease and one finger.

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