Swing Copters for iOS is a challenging follow up to Flappy Bird.

SwingCopters2Several months ago, Dong Nyugen released a simple mobile game called Flappy Bird. The game consisted of a small 8-bit bird that tried to fly between pipes reminiscent of Mario Bros. games. The game became so popular that the creator began earning more than $50,000 per day. The game was so widely popular and difficult, Nyugen decided to rip the game off of the major app stores and leave social media for a time although he vowed that he would return with more games. Last week, Nyugen fulfilled that promise by releasing Swing Copters.

With Swing Copters, the player has a small creature that flies through swinging hammers with the aid of a propeller hat. Swing Copters has the availability of different characters after 4 medals have been unlocked through meeting certain game goals. The object of the game is to guide your character through broken beams. The character has to avoid hitting any object or it will face destruction and the player will have to start over at the bottom level. The character is controlled by a finger tap on the screen.

SwingCopters1Just like its predecessor, Swing Copters offers many challenges. The gravity of the game is very extreme and helping to direct the little creature away from the game obstacles is nearly impossible. I played this game for nearly ten minutes and was only able to get a score of 1 indicating that I made it past the first beam of obstacles.

I think that Nyugen has another hit on his hands because Swing Copters is challenging enough for people to get hooked and frustrated all at the same time. The graphics are the “classic” 8-bit look that Nyugen used for Flappy Bird, which I believe will also make it equally as popular. Once again, Swing Copters is free to download and even though it was only released on August 21, 2014, it has already experienced its first update, which fine tuned the gameplay and fixed a bug with display ads. Because the game is free to download, it is also ad supported. You can quickly fix that by paying the $0.99 premium charge to have the ads removed. Bottom line, if you enjoyed Flappy Bird, you will more than likely enjoy Swing Copters.

Dong Nyugen

Dong Nyugen