Desktop Publishing Software for Mac with many custom options.

Swift Publisher 4 Mac App Review 3Some time ago, I was in charge of creating and publishing a newsletter for my sorority’s alumnae group. It started out as a small project and before I knew it, it grew into an annual expectation of my time. At that time, I used a template for the newsletter from Pages. It wasn’t perfect, but it was functional and did the job. I’m so excited to have more advanced options at my finger tips though. One such tool is Swift Publisher.

Several months ago, I was able to test out Swift Publisher 3, a page layout program, and today, I’m excited to bring you a review on the update, Swift Publisher 4. Swift Publisher 4 is the same basic program that its predecessor was with some pretty impressive updates. First of all, it comes pre-loaded with over 270 templates, more than 2,000 clip art images and a hundred image masks. This is a large increase over what was offered with Swift Publisher 3. You can use the app to make promotional fliers, newsletters, and brochures among other items.
The newest features of Swift Publisher 4 include:

  • El Captain style interface.
  • Support for the new Photos app
  • Creation and printing for numerous barcode types
  • Dynamic data fields for merge printing
  • Circle and Circular Text tools
  • An additional 70 pre-designed templates
  • Export to PNG
  • iCloud Drive Support

Swift Publisher 4 Mac App Review 4With Swift Publisher 4, you get a high level of quality and options wrapped in an easy-to-use, efficient package. My favorite feature of Swift Publisher is they layers. This is something that is a rarity even with the most advanced publishing programs. You have the option to work exclusively with the background or the foreground and can layer objects easily on top of each other. It’s a great advanced features that really adds depth to your projects. If you’ve ever dabbled in desktop publishing you will pick it right up. Whether you are starting a project from scratch or using one of the pre-designed templates, you will have a beautiful project ready to use for any occasion.

Swift Publisher is a really nice option for budget-conscience businesses who want to do something more with their communications. It gives you the same basic options (and some advanced ones) as more expensive ones like Adobe InDesign. Plus, you only pay a one-time fee rather than a recurring, monthly subscription. If you are a new user to Swift Publisher, the cost is $29.95, but if you are a current user of Swift Publisher 3, you can upgrade for only $14.95. Plus, the developer, Belight Software, offers a free trial.

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