Swift Publisher 3 gives a clean, efficient layout option to designers.

For many years, my creative skills have gone to building visually elegant marketing pieces like brochures or posters. I tend to use professional grade layout programs like InDesign or Illustrator by Adobe to complete these design projects. Before I became acclimated with those programs I relied on Microsoft Word and other word processing programs to get the job done. BeLight Software saw this as a problem to be solved and created Swift Publisher 3.

Swift Publisher 3 is a page layout program that helps users to create sleek, clean marketing pieces like promotional fliers, club newsletters and brochures. Swift Publisher 3 comes preloaded with over 180 templates, 1,000 clipart images and 100 image masks. For an additional $10 purchase (after license purchase), Swift-2users can expand the clipart library to include more than 40,000 images and 100 additional fonts. Some additional features include:

  • Customizable Templates
  • Calendar Editor
  • Page Imposition
  • Import from iPhoto and Aperture
  • Flexible Text Tools
  • Customizable Text Styles
  • Extensive Design Toolkit
  • Unlimited Editing Layers
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF
  • Art Text Plug-In
  • Powerful Core Image Filters
  • Retina Display and iCloud Compatible

Swift-3Swift Publisher 3 comes equipped with an Advanced Page Layout feature, too. It allows you to really customize your piece and to build your document from the ground up with ease. Swift Publisher 3 utilizes column guides and linked text boxes so that your text will flow from one area to another as you add other elements. Plus, you have the ability to work within layers which guarantees a clean workspace.

Swift Publisher 3 is a good publishing solution for people who are looking to enhance their marketing design toolkits without breaking the bank. Options like InDesign are now apart of subscription-based plans starting at $19.99/month with an annual contract. In my opinion, Swift Publisher 3 won’t replace programs like InDesign, but it is a huge step up from using Word to create complicated marketing pieces. I was highly impressed with the level of quality I found and felt that the amount of options was comparable to what I could create from scratch in other desktop publishing programs.

Swift-1The example I created in Swift Publisher 3 was a basic promotional flier for a fake dance club. I took the inspiration for the pieces from one of the clipart images of a couple dancing. One big feature I want to touch on is the page size and customization. The default was a standard letter size page – 8.5 x 11. This is one feature that immediately caught my attention because as a user of the professional grade programs, I enjoy the flexibility of creating custom page sizes. This is something that I don’t get with Word, but Swift Publisher 3 has included the custom page size feature, which allows you to change the page to any size you require. It also comes preloaded with a few select popular sizes as one of its many features. In looking at the options for page size, I selected Half Letter as the basis for my project. Once I was satisfied with the page size, I selected the dancing couple image, added some text and a border. Voila. My project was completed within 15 minutes.

Swift Publisher 3 produced a clean, efficient layout without wasting time or money. For more information, visit belightsoft.com. Swift Publisher 3 is currently available for $19.99 in the App Store.