Really effective…if you can find a use for it.

Here is a strange one.

Swellder USB Lamp Review 3This Swellder USB Lamp is very simple. There are no power switches or brightness adjustment features. Instead, just plug the lamp into a standard USB port and the LEDs immediately light up with an impressive brightness. The neck of the lamp is flexible to a point and can be bent to allow the lamp to shine over a desk full of paperwork when plugged into a desktop or laptop. That is about it, but for what’s here, the lamp is built well.

Swellder USB Lamp Review 4You may be asking, “Where would you use this?” Well, a portable battery and this lamp are a great match. It is true that some batteries may already have a small LED built into a casing, but by connecting this lamp to an available USB port on the battery, hours of much brighter light are sure to come in handy. For another example, if your home has USB ports installed in an outlet panel, this lamp can also serve as a very bright nightlight.

Swellder USB Lamp Review 5I feel like I have been reviewing a device that is similar to the tweezers on a Swiss Army Knife. Much like the tweezers, this USB lamp is not the best iteration of its intended purpose. There are plenty of other small LED-driven light sources that seem to be more useful than this odd lamp, just as there are plenty of other small tweezers that can be taken along for a trip.  On the other hand, even a pair of tiny Swiss Army Knife tweezers can come in handy for pulling on a splinter or picking apart a seed or flower while hiking. It is challenging to fit this lamp into a scenario where it is truly useful, but the unit’s small size, simple use, and flexible form factor mean that adding this to a carrying case or backpack is a trivial matter that just might save the day.

Purchase it here. Swellder Mini USB LED Light


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