Swackett is the weather app for your peeps.

I consider one of the most important apps on my phone to be my weather app. I actually have three weather apps on my phone right now – four if you count the native weather app for iOS. To be honest, I am not a big fan of the native weather app. At a glance, it’s…ok. It gives you the very basic forecast for the next few days. You see high and low temperature and an image of what the weather will be that day. It also shows you an hourly forecast, but no weather map and no option for watches or warnings that might be in the area. That’s why I seek out other weather app options. I currently have weather.com, Accu Weather and good weather on my iPhone. Each app has its own unique way of presenting the weather forecasts, which is why I keep them on my phone. As much as I like to have the weather at my finger tips, one would think that I would also have an app on my laptop for the same information. Until recently, I did not.

Swackett is a very unique app for Mac OS, iOS, Android and web. It presents the weather in simple terms that is user friendly. For example, one of the features of this app is the ‘peeps.’ Peeps are people symbols who live within the app and appear in appropriate clothing to match the weather. They make things interesting and almost make the app feel like some sort of graphic novel. There are several tabs within swackett – current weather, today’s forecast, tonight’s forecast and tomorrow’s forecast. Each tab includes the weather forecast with temperature, precipitation report, dog walking index, which shows weather or not you should walk your dog at that time and pleasing graphics. Additionally, there are watches and warnings indicated in the bottom tool bar. The only thing that isn’t included is a Doppler radar map.

Swackett makes looking up the weather fun. My favorite feature is definitely the dog walking index. I am looking forward to see what upgrades the developers will make and can’t wait to see how the peeps dress when it gets colder.

I recommend this for anyone who want accurate, user-friendly accounts of the weather. There are in-app purchases that include different types of peeps.