SVALT D2 Cooling Dock creates a more environmentally friendly space for your laptop.

If you have a laptop, you’ve felt the burn on your legs when your computer is overworked. I’ve personally had a laptop feel as though it could literally cook eggs on it at one point. That one ended being a malfunctioning unit, but the point is that laptops get warm and retain their heat while they are being used. Now, some heat is normal. The normal operating temperature for a MacBook Pro is 10º to 30º C. Anything more than that and you can start experiencing malfunctions and it’s even possible for parts to start going bad. I primarily use my laptop as it’s connected to a large 34-inch ultra wide display. The closed-display mode on a Mac allows me to keep the laptop shut while still using it with the monitor. The only problem is that the laptop then lays flat and airflow is restricted beneath it. This is where SVALT Cooling Dock comes to the rescue.


SVALT Cooling Dock was designed to help transform your laptop into a desktop workstation while providing an additional cooling option for the computer. This cooling dock maximizes productivity by keeping the laptop at an optimum operating temperature. The dock contains a very large aluminum heat sink and a desktop-sized fan. This design is meant to drive the cooling air directly into the laptop processors to turbocharge the laptop’s own cooling system. SVALT has two different cooling docks – the D1 and the D2. The D1 has a fixed speed fan and the D2 has a customizable cooling system that uses a temperature sensor to provide intelligent cooling power throughout the day. The D2 will, in fact, reach speeds of up to 3600 RPMs.

SVALT D2 Cooling Dock REVIEW

I was provided the D2 cooling dock for review. The first thing I noticed is how heavy and solidly built the product is. The dock weighs approximately two pounds, which is a lot when you consider that a 2014 MacBook Pro is only 2.9 pounds. The dock is very sturdy and extremely secure for laptops to rest in. The set-up is a very easy. You simply pick the spot where you want the laptop station to live and then plug it into power. There is a small plunger-type button on the back that you depress to turn the power on. From here, the dock operates automatically. There are seven different modes that you can use. Even though the dock runs automatically, you can still set it up with one of these modes so that it has an extra burst of turbo speed. SVALT provides a very detailed user guide that outlines all of the modes.

SVALT D2 Cooling Dock REVIEW

Overall, I like the design of the SVALT D2 Cooling Dock. It’s got classic lines and even though it’s a little bulky in the back, that design feature is hidden by the computer most of the time. The fan is a bit loud. It’s not so loud that it would interrupt my work day, but it is noticeable. I’ve had cooling laptop pads before and they are next to silent while the D2 dock has a very pronounced hum – especially when in turbo mode. I tested out the dock with two different laptops – a 13″ MacBook Pro (2014) and an HP Spectre. I did notice that the laptops seemed to stay cooler than if they were just flat on a desk or on a stand that didn’t have a fan built into it.

SVALT D2 Cooling Dock REVIEW

The SVALT D2 Cooling Dock is an impressive piece of equipment and great for professional-level computing. I see this being a huge benefit when there is limited desk space and the need for additional ventilation.

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