Very hearty case to protect your precious iPhone

There seems to be an infinite number of cases available for iPhones these days and when I got my newest phone – the iPhone 13 Pro – I decided to shop around and see what I could find. Admittedly, most of my work is done from home these days. That said, I do want something that is going to protect my phone without being too bulky. I also don’t want to destroy the beauty of the device by covering it with a case. That said, I reached for a case by Survivor. Survivor makes “forward-thinking products that protect and power your tech, maximize utility and are made to last” and they specialize in creating rugged-style cases. So, I decided to check out the All-Terrain Earth case by Survivor. 

Survivor All-Terrain Earth iPhone 13 Pro Case


The All-Terrain Earth case is considered Survivor’s most sustainable, protective case to date. The case leverages sustainable materials to suspect your device in an ultra-protective sandwich of soft, shock-absorbing layers. There are 4 layers of protection made of both soft and hard bio-resins for a strong balance between a lighter weight, ultra-grip, and durability. The case is eco-friendly and features 20 feet of drop protection (MIL-STD-810G). The case also has a raised-edge bezel for screen and camera protection. There is also antimicrobial defense built-in as well as scratch resistance and dust resistance. The All-Terrain Earth case is wireless and MagSafe compatible (according to the website specs and details on the box) and it is guaranteed for life. 


  • 20-ft of drop protection tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Made from sustainable materials
  • Four-layer protection with parametric shock-absorbing technology
  • Raised-edge bezel protects screen and camera
  • Antimicrobial defense
  • Dust resistant port covers and mute switch
  • Textured grip on the sides and back for superior hold
  • Inspired by performance design in proven products
  • Scratch resistant
  • Discoloration defense
  • Works with Wireless & MagSafe charging
  • 5G Compatible
  • Slim and ergonomic
  • Recycled packaging
  • Guaranteed for life 
Survivor All-Terrain Earth iPhone 13 Pro Case


The case comes in a box made from recycled materials. The front of the box has a transparent window that shows the case off. The front of the box indicates that the case is drop-tested up to 16 feet and not 20 feet as the website description suggests. To get the case out of the box, you simply slide the drawer of the box out from the side and pull the case out. There is a small card on the inside of the box that outlines the installation process of the case. I’m actually glad this was included because even though the installation process should be intuitive for cases, the All-Terrain Earth case actually comes apart for installation. It’s a little tricky to get the top front of the case to unsnap from the back portion of the case, but I was finally able to get it to work by attempting to insert my phone into the case as-is. I got the phone 3/4 of the way into the case and the top front of the case attached to the phone. When I went to pull the phone back out, the top front of the case came out with it. 

Survivor All-Terrain Earth iPhone 13 Pro Case

Once you have the frame (top front portion of the case) wrapped around the phone, it locks back into the main part of the case pretty easily. I’m actually pretty impressed with the level of protection you get with the All-Terrain Earth case since it feels like such a slim profile case. It adds a slight amount of bulk to the phone, but not so much that the phone doesn’t still look good. The texture of the case makes it easy to grip the phone and it’s not likely to slip out of pockets too easily. I don’t subject cases to in-house drop tests, but the All-Terrain seems to hold up well to standard daily use. 

Survivor All-Terrain Earth iPhone 13 Pro Case

The one criticism I have of the case is the claim that it is MagSafe compatible. I have seen this with other iPhone cases too, so it’s not exclusive to Survivor, but the case isn’t 100% MagSafe compatible. The phone does charge easily on a wireless charger and it does make a wireless charging connection with a MagSafe charger, but the magnetic part of the feature doesn’t quite stick. So, while the case does allow for MagSafe charging, the device is not secure on the MagSafe surface. To be fair, the packaging does read, “Wireless & MagSafe Charging Compatible,” and doesn’t indicate that the other features of MagSafe are useable. I have a desktop MagSafe charger as well as a MagSafe charging cable and I tested the case on both devices. The phone started charging, but the phone fell off the stand charger and the MagSafe cable didn’t stay connected to the case when I picked it up off the charger. I would not be comfortable using this case in conjunction with my MagSafe charging mount in my car as the phone would fall immediately. 


The All-Terrain Earth case for the iPhone 13 Pro is a great all-around case that provides added protection without adding the bulk that most rugged cases do. The only missing feature for me is the MagSafe secure mounting that you get with some MagSafe-enhanced cases. Aside from that, this is a really solid case. 

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