App helps you create your own music videos in minutes.

Superstring 2 Mac App Review 3As far as I can tell, Superstring 2 is for doing exactly one thing, so if you need to do that thing, it’s golden. That one thing is making music videos that are kind of like fancier slideshows. Superstring 2 makes it pretty easy to cue lyrics (or other text) to go with music, add backgrounds, and customize the arrangement and style of the text to make things like lyrics videos more than just static words on a PowerPoint.

First, you import your song and click edit. In the edit window, there are already clips set up for every five seconds of the song, filled with some tips on how to use the program. This doesn’t just happen the first time, however, they’re there every time you go to make a new Superstring file. It isn’t a big thing, but each of these clips already has text, which you have to delete in order to add in the text you want to include. This proves more annoying than it should be because, for some reason, triple clicking doesn’t highlight all the text in the box, so you either have to backspace it all or click-drag highlight it to delete it all. A minor Superstring 2 Mac App Review 4thing, but it gets repetitive over the 40 or so clips you’ll have for a 3.5 minute song. You can customize each clip by adding a background image to go with the text and changing the words, style, and effects. To change the length of a clip (because not all things line up perfectly in five-second intervals), just click and drag things around to your heart’s content. When you’ve finished your music video, you can export it as an mp4 or as a .superstring file in case you want to work on it later.

I had a few issues with this application bugging out on me. I was playing around with the customization settings for a clip, and I changed the text style from “explosion” to “gravity,” which promptly made all the text disappear from previews. I changed it back, but I have yet to figure out what happened or why. All the text is still in the clips, but it doesn’t show up anymore. Sad, because I was working on a sample video to show you guys. Alas, it was not meant to be. Before this final freak out, the application would occasionally lag and run pretty slowly, which was bad for the shorter clips in the video, as they didn’t have time to figure out what they were doing before the next clip in the queue popped up.

Superstring 2 Mac App Review 5Final judgment: as I said before, it’s meant to do exactly one thing. The application is easy enough to figure out, but there are several minor inconveniences that make using it a tad frustrating.

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