Silicon Power Superior Pro Micro SD Card provides ample storage at an exceptional speed.

I have an extreme affection for memory cards and flash drives. They help with daily tasks and are really nice for file management. SD cards are especially great for storing images and video from cameras. Silicon Power recently launched a new micro SD card, the Superior Pro UHS-1.

Superior Pro UHS-1 Micro SD Card Review 2

The Superior Pro UHS-1 Micro SD card is designed to support 4K and 2K video recording. It can capture high quality images and extended length 1080P HD video. The card supports read/write speeds up to 90 MB/s. With the 32GB card, which I was privy to test out, you can have up to 90 minutes of HD video stored. It’s packaged with an SD card adapter so that it can be used with many different devices.

Superior Pro UHS-1 Micro SD Card Review 3

Most people would use this handy little high-speed storage card for shooting video. In fact, that’s really what it’s built for. For me though, I crave storage space for my everyday activities. When I upgraded my laptop to a 13” MacBook Pro Retina, I chose to go with a smaller hard drive space. I’ve run into issues several times with hard drive overload and have had to either delete or move files to other locations. Having a fast, high quality Micro SD card like this makes it very easy to store files with the aid of the HD card adapter and the HD card slot on my MacBook Pro.

Superior Pro UHS-1 Micro SD Card Review 4

In my testing of file transfer speeds, I found that the Superior Pro UHS-1 was very quick. I transferred bundles of over 100MB within just a couple of seconds. This was a much faster transfer rate than other SD cards I have used.

The Superior Pro UHS-1 is a very nice storage device. I’m excited to have it as a part of my arsenal of memory cards and flash drives.

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