Super Mario Run feels a lot like the original Nintendo game, but is a pricey option for an iOS game.

Being a child of the 80s, I grew up with Super Marios Bros. It’s always been one of my favorite games and I also looked forward to playing it. The original game was always a little on the difficult side because of the physics within the game. Mario was heavy and couldn’t jump very high. When Super Mario Bros. 2 was released, additional characters were added and each had his or her own special ability. Princess Peach could hover a bit and Toad was super strong. As the years passed, Mario games evolved. Now, it is available to play on iOS devices. The announcement of Super Mario Run came in September when Apple announced the release of the new iPhone 7 series phones. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made an appearance at the live Apple event to make the very special announcement in person. Since that time, Nintendo has also stated that they plan on releasing an Android version of the game sometime in the future.

Installation of the game is pretty standard for an iOS app. You have to, of course, agree to regular terms of service, etc., but once it’s installed, you are ready to play.

Super Mario Run iOS Game REVIEW

I will start by saying the downside to this is while Super Mario Run is free to download, it’s a freemium app, which means in order to unlock game content you have to buy it. The first three levels on World 1 are free to play as much as you want, but you cannot play the full castle level on World 1 without buying the upgrade, which is $9.99 — a bit pricey in my opinion.

When I started playing, I was immediately reminded of the game content from the original Mario Bros. — but with better graphics. The game is a continuous runner style where you cannot go backward on a level without a special ability (if you die, you are transported by bubble backward on the level) and as with the original, your main goal is to capture as many coins as possible. What’s particularly fun about this game is that you can successfully play it with just one finger. You tap the screen to control Mario’s jump ability and move along without getting killed. Pretty simple, right? Well, Nintendo really did a good job of making Super Mario Run difficult like the original Super Mario Bros. It does take some time to get the hang of how Mario jumps with your different types of finger gestures and the game moves pretty fast.

Super Mario Run iOS Game REVIEW

I absolutely love the nod to the original game design and story. It’s like playing an updated version of Super Mario Bros. Nintendo even added in a game level option that is multiplayer in a way. The Toad Rally lets you challenge other players to a level of the game and you earn coins and Toads for your kingdom. It’s fun to play, too, and you get a small demo of it after you have played the demo levels of the Tour option in the game.

Super Mario Run iOS Game REVIEW

I really had a lot of fun playing through the demo of Super Mario Run and I will probably breakdown and shell out the $10 for the other game content as I’ve not enjoyed playing a game on my iPhone for a long time. If you like the original Super Mario Bros., this is a great game to invest in. The graphics are top-notch and the gameplay is really well done.

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