A stand-out innovation for office equipment

For more than 20 years, I’ve been struggling with chronic leg pain. I’ve had 3 ACL reconstructions and a couple of years ago, I was also diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, which affects my feet and heels. My daily work keeps me pretty stationary and working behind a desk. But, I’ve found that unless I have my legs propped up, I have more pain at the end of the day than when I don’t have them propped up. I’ve tried several different options including standard footrests, cushioned ones, and even desk hammocks. So, when I found the Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Footrest I thought it might be worth a try since it would give me multiple options for resting my weary limbs. 


The Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Footrest is designed to not only provide comfort while you are sitting but also while you are standing. The self-adjusting footplate allows the user to activate their lower extremities whether they are sitting or standing. The footrest tilts up and down to help users while they are sitting. You can also use the upper soft leatherette support to put your feet up while you kick back and relax. While you are standing, the footrest can offer support and provides a fidgeting option at the same time. The footrest can be adjusted from 3.15” to 4.70” and at its highest 6.10”. In addition to providing a relaxing option while you are sitting or standing, the footrest also helps you to stretch your hip and ankle while you are sitting and increase blood circulation and alleviate stress on your back and feet while standing. The footplate includes a textured surface that can act as a massager to socked feet and the bottom has a non-slip bottom to keep the footrest from moving on a hard floor. 



The footrest comes in a full-color box and it features a carrying handle. Assembly is very simple. The top bar slides into supports on the sides. There is no locking it in place, which is a little disconcerting because when you go to pick up the footrest to move it from place to place, you have to pick it up from the bottom. I would prefer to be able to pick it up from the bar. It would make moving it much easier. It would also keep the bar from popping out easily. I’ve knocked it loose more than once. On the flip side, the bar is 100% removable so you can easily store the footrest in its box. The entire product seems sturdy, but it is not weighted at the base so it can easily tip over. 

I’ve really enjoyed using the footrest. It’s one of the better options I’ve found for elevating my feet beneath my desk. The top bar has a nice amount of padding on it and it’s comfortable to rest your feet on it. I do wish it was a little longer so that when my feet fall open, they don’t slide off the sides of the bar. I also really enjoy the adjustable footrest. It’s solid enough to provide support while my feet are on it, but it’s also adjustable to suit a variety of people’s needs. I prefer to leave the platform at the lowest setting and because of that, the adjustable sides tend to dig into my feet when they fall open. I realize that these sides are where the platform raises and lowers, but it would be really nice to see them be padded in some way so that if anyone else has issues with the sides cutting into their feet, they would have some relief from that.


The footrest retails for around $100 (at the time of publishing) and to me, that feels comparable to other products in its category. It’s an investment but if you have no other options for a footrest, this is a great opportunity to elevate your lower extremities while you work. Aside from the upper bar not locking into place, I really didn’t find any fault with the design and it seems to be pretty strong. 

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