Perfect in more ways then one

I have been adjusting my home office for years and I’ve never quite gotten it just the way I want until recently. One thing that was missing for a while was a space dedicated to photography. I’ve tried using my desk in the past, but because I have other gear on it, I realized I really needed a dedicated space for photography instead.  The Sun-Flex EasyDesk Pro has helped me to create that needed space as well as serve in other capacities. I am a big stickler for products pulling double duty if possible and because of this, it’s a win-win in my book. 


The Sun-Flex EasyDesk Pro is designed to be used in multiple ways. It can be used in the office, home office, school, or activity-based workplaces. The desk is manually adjustable using a gas spring which means that no power cord is needed. There are four casters installed on the feet so that the desk can be rolled easily across any surface. The desktop can be angled and used as a drawing board, relief table, music stand, or even a podium. The desk is available in white or black. 



  • Material: Steel, MDF
  • Height Adjustment: Yes, 758-1128 mm
  • Tillable: Yes
  • Lockable Wheels – Yes, 2 pcs
  • Size tabletop: 60 x 52 cm
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Weight: 15 kg


The EasyDesk Pro arrived disassembled and in a cardboard box. All the pieces and parts were labeled and the instructions were easy to follow. That said, there were several steps that had to be completed before the desk was ready for use. The first step was to install the casters into the base. The wheels are made of plastic and have a screw end that you use to attach it to the base. The next step is to attach the center column to the base. There are four screws that you have to insert through the bottom of the base and into the center column. They tighten with a hex wrench (provided). Once the column is attached, the next part for installation is the base for the top. This part has the mechanism in it that allows the top board to tilt. This part get screwed into the center column and then the top board gets attached to the mechanism. This is really the only ‘tricky’ part of the installation – attaching the screws to the top board. And, that’s only because you have to be underneath the desk to do it. Once it’s assembled, you can use it however you wish. 

The desk is actually pretty solid. It rolls around easily even on carpet. The brakes on the wheels are easy to engage and the pedal that controls the gas lift is perfect. All the adjustment options are easy to control. The only thing we really didn’t have a use for was the stopper – a piece that creates a ledge for any items you don’t want sliding off the edge of the desk when it’s tilted. There is a black version of the desk, but the white version works best for our purposes. The desktop is wide enough that I’m able to use backdrop boards for photography and it’s secure for products. 

I mentioned above that I like to use this desk in more than one way. One way I use it is in my entertainment area where I game and watch TV. Because the desk is on casters, I can roll it away from the photography area and use it to continue working while I’m enjoying videos or a game with friends. The desk is easy to move and since it’s adjustable, it gives me the flexibility I need for sitting and standing. The second main way I use it is for capturing product photos. I love having the ability to move the desk wherever I need it to be able to get just the right shot. The desk works in my office to serve both these purposes and because of that, I’m in love with this desk. 


As I stated above this desk pulls double duty in my home office. This means I am a lot rougher on it then a normal desk since I am constantly rolling it around my home office. Between sitting at it with my laptop while watching some TV and working to using it to shot photos this desk has held up for me extremely well. I have no issues nor complaints.

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