Sums Gesture Calculator for iOS gives a new reason for gestures.

sumsEven though the iPhone comes equipped with a native calculator, there are dozens of calculator apps available in the iTunes App Store. Some of them have sound effects like an adding machine and others make clicking noises. But, I’ve only found one that uses iOS gestures to activate the calculator’s functions.

Sums Gesture Controlled Calculator uses multiple gestures to complete the math functions of the calculator. For example, if you want to add 2 and 2. You would enter 2 on the keypad on the screen, then swipe to the right to add the plus sign for addition, then  type the 2 again and swipe up on the screen to total the equation. Once you’ve completed your equation, you can clear it out by shaking the phone. It’s definitely a unique way to present a calculator.

I like this app because of its unique nature. It is a free app, but has a $1.99 full version that can be unlocked. The features that are included in the full version are a memory store and an advanced scientific menu with common trigonometric operations. This is a fun addition to any iOS app collection.