Sumptus iOS App Review:

An expense tracker for people on the go.

I’ve never been very good at living by a budget. Every time I try, I end up failing. I believe that part of my problem ends up being the go-go-go lifestyle I have. When I go to the store or out to eat, I hurriedly put the receipt to the purchase in my purse or wallet without recording it by hand or electronically. It’s just out of necessity of speed. I’ve tried working with mobile apps in the past, but never seem to find one that works quick enough for me. There end up being several fields that have to be filled in order to have the transaction recorded. I feel as though in order for me to stick to a budget and have an app that works for me quick enough, I need something that just allows me to enter amounts and categories and go. Luckily for me, developer wesix has released Sumptus – a personal expense tracker.

Sumptus3Sumptus is a simple expense tracker – nothing more, nothing less. It was specifically designed to allow users to add expenses quickly and simplify budget management. Sumptus allows users to keep track of all of their expenses and manage budgets by month, day or week. The app even includes a detailed analytics tool to help you keep track of where your money is being spent and identify what you can cut back on. Being that Sumptus was only released yesterday, I do not have a lot of data to input yet, but am looking forward to seeing where I can cut money back from my expenses.

Some of the additional features of Sumptus include:

  • Natural language input – allows you to enter a phrase like “coffee 5” and the app will translate that into $5.00 for Coffee.
  • Multiple Budgets – Create as many budgets as you need – home, travel, work, etc. – to maintain your financial health
  • Calculate – If you need to add multiple expenses together simply use the calculation tools within the input field to total out your purchases before saving them.
  • Create Limits – This might be my favorite feature. In addition to setting budgets, Sumptus has some pre-defined categories like Shopping, Grocery and Clothes that can be used to narrow down your spending. You can preset limits for these categories, which will also help you stay on track with your expenses.

Sumptus2Sumptus is really a very easy app to use. Another feature that I think it important to point out is that Sumptus also allows you to take images of your receipts to store along with your transaction record. I think that’s fabulous especially for business-type expense reports. When you are ready to share your report you simply tap the share button in the bottom right hand corner and very clean expense report is ready for you to send out. You can use Message, Mail, store to Dropbox or print it out.

One thing I didn’t like was that I was required to enter my email address when I first opened the app. This was only a mailing list sign-up for the developer, but I would prefer that be something optional. Sumptus is not a free app and I feel mailing list sign-up should be an opt-in only.

Sumptus1I think Sumptus is a great solution for budget-tracking on the go. It offers the natural language input, which is a huge time saver and allows you the flexibility of fine tuning your entries at a later time. If you are looking for an app to help you keep track of your spending habits while you are on the go, Sumptus may be for you. It’s currently only available for the iPhone with the promise of an iPad version coming soon. Sumptus retails for $3.99 and is available in the App Store.

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