Nice option for emergency charging.

Stunning Gadgets Super Slim Power Bank Review 3In the past few years the market has been flooded with batteries and power banks. I’ve had quite a few different varieties –  some good and some horrible. Today I usedStunning Gadgets Super Slim Power Bank. Wow. My first impression of this battery was that it is literally credit card sized. It’s about the thickness of three credit cards and fits easily in a card slot in a wallet, which is exactly where I decided to store it. It’s not the most practical way to carry it considering there wasn’t much give to it, but it’s definitely possible.

Stunning Gadgets Super Slim Power Bank Review 4The Super Slim Power Bank is only 1400 mAh and will only give you a one time charge on your smart phone, the fact that it’s concealed very easily made it completely ok. The construction is pretty solid with a full metal case all the way around it giving it a aesthetically pleasing appeal.

Stunning Gadgets Super Slim Power Bank Review 5The one downside to this power bank is that it only comes with a Micro USB charging cable. I’m an iPhone person. In oder to use it with iOS devices, you would need to track down a Lightning charging adapter, or a Micro USB to Lightning cable. Even though it won’t charge my phone didn’t mean that it lost its appeal because practically everything else uses Micro USB. I found it particularly helpful with my plethora of Bluetooth headsets. All in all, it’s not a bad battery. I would just like the option to charge everything in my life with it.

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