Stump Stand Review:

One stand, many devices.

Photo_1 2I am a big fan of multi-purpose tools. I like that one device can handle the job of many. I’ve had this fascination with objects since I saw my first Swiss Army Knife. It just seems so efficient. This interest has carried over to technology devices and accessories. I was recently introduced to the Stump Stand – a multi-purpose stand designed for mobile devices.

The Stump Stand is a small stand that is meant to work for all your mobile devices. It’s made from silicone and is weighted with a metallic skeleton. It’s very sturdy and works with devices up to 0.5 inches in thickness. It’s ideal for using with the iPhone or other smartphones. It also works well with the iPad Air 2. Stump Stand features a 2-step groove that helps it accommodate many sizes of phones and tablets.

Photo_1Stump Stand is not only designed to accommodate many types of phones and tablets, but it’s also designed to offer multiple viewing angles. You can use it as a ramp for your tablet; you could lean your device; or, your device could be used in an upright position. Any way you use it, you will have a superb view of your device’s screen.

For quite some time, I’ve had a hard metal stand on my desk at work for my iPhone. It’s worked well, but because it’s made from metal almost exclusively, I’ve been concerned about putting my phone in it without having a case on it. This is one of the really nice features of the Stump Stand. Because it’s exterior is made from a soft silicone material, it’s safe to rest your phone in any state.

Photo_2The Stump Stand also rests my iPhone at an optimum angle for viewing the screen when notifications pop up. I love having my phone at eye level and not having to crane my neck around just to look and see who is calling or texting me.

Stump Stand is a great addition to my desk accessories and I really can’t imagine not having it now. It comes in several color options – black, hot pink, sea glass, red, white and royal blue.

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