StudyBot offers a pocket study guide for your phone.

Students try any number of study methods to retain information to improve their grades. Flash cards, quizzing, study groups, highlighting text books – students will try anything to make the grade. In this day and age, students also have mobile apps on their side – apps like StudyBot.

IMG_1828StudyBot is an iOS app that helps you study by repetition. The description the developer gives is that StudyBot will “change the way you study. Learn by repetition with minimal effort.” So, how does it work? StudyBot uses a variety of study methods including flash cards, memorization study and quizzing to ensure you learn the material you need to. The app is completely customizable for users’ specific study needs.

One of the things I really enjoy about this app is that it comes pre-loaded with examples. The flash cards use the example of bones in the body. When you open the flash cards, you are presented with a word and expected to recite the written description. The app allows for an image to be included, but it’s not required during set-up. When presented with a flash card, the user only sees the word. When ready, the user may reveal the description and image by tapping the screen.

IMG_1830The study feature (ex. breeds of dogs) is similar to the flash card, but there is not a reveal. The user is presented with an image, term and description. The quiz option uses Spanish words as an example. The quiz gives users a term – in this case a Spanish word – to which they must match the correct answer – the English version of the word. Again, this option allows for both images and text to be utilized, but you don’t have to have both.

Something that is unique to this app is the ability to change the type of study option with a simple swipe. Say you start with the study option to learn about the breeds of dogs. Once you feel comfortable enough with the material, you could swipe the study subject title in the menu and change it to flash cards to start memorizing the terms. Once you’ve mastered the flash cards, it’s time to move on to the quiz where the app will keep track of your right and wrong answers.

Another great feature of this app is that it includes push study notifications. You set the AM/PM hours and time period you want to be reminded to study and StudyBot will send a push notification through your phone to remind you to study. For example, if I set it for 4PM and then every 10 minutes, StudyBot would send push notifications every 10 minutes for me to study.

Additionally, you can reorder or delete the study guides from the menu and add new study guides easily by tapping the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.

I think this app is a very handy tool for any student with and iOS device. The only tricky part about it is adding your own study material, but additional repetition could only help when trying to retain information. I’d love to see some sort of import function in a future update.

StudyBot version 1.0 was released on August 23rd by Daniel LLC. There are two versions – a free ad-supported one and one that retails at $2.99.