A lightbulb that can be controlled with Apple and Android devices.

At first, I wanted a new light bulb for my desk.  I was looking for a new light source that would give my desk a nice white lighting that had the benefits that LED lighting comes with.  This bulb was great for that but after playing with the features I find it to be so much more.  From the effortless set up to the function of the application light color changing feature, I’ve found an odd enjoyment out of a lightbulb.

This lightbulb came in a nice brown cylinder box that has a QR code located on the bottom that I scanned with my iPhone 6 Plus to download the free app that you need to control this lightbulb.  Inside the light bulb is white and looks like a mushroom.  I took out the light bulb and ended up sticking the regular old 60-watt bulb that still works into the package.  I actually like the fact that the package holds other bulbs because I hate when I have a larger pack of bulbs and only one left in it, so this makes for a good bulb storage container after you take it out.

The Street 5 Watt Bluetooth LED Changing Lightbulb REVIEW

Setting it up was very easy thanks to the QR code.  All I had to do with the light bulb is screw it into my lamp and turn the lamp on.  The first day of having it I didn’t register the bulb with the app because I wanted to see in general if it was a good lightbulb.  I was very pleased even with the regular white lighting without effects that it has.  The bulb itself emits no heat, which is nice because I find myself baking my Macbook Pro under my lamp with the 60-watt bulbs.

After getting the app and registering the bulb you are able to play with the features.  The bulb has over 16 million color options, however, that’s because shade preference.  The LED colors are not overpowering and still maintain that soft lighting.  One cool feature the bulb has is the ability to change with the music.  I did use music with the lightbulb and it put on a light show for me.  I was wondering where I would most benefit from placing this lightbulb and decided it would be good for a nightlight in my 8-year-olds room.  He himself is very tech savvy and has no issues with controlling this app so I think anyone would be able to work this without a learning curve.

The Street 5 Watt Bluetooth LED Changing Lightbulb REVIEW

Overall this bulb is really fun to use.  If you’re not going to use the features on this bulb it would be an extremely pricey option otherwise.  The life expectancy on the bulb is 30,000 hours which will give you plenty of time to enjoy it.