A worth-while investment for video production.

I grew up wandering the halls of a TV station because both of my parents used to work there. So, broadcast switchers are nothing new to me. When my church was forced to take its services virtual because of the pandemic, we didn’t hesitate to use the ATEN StreamLIVE Pro to assist with the transmissions. The StreamLIVE Pro is a portable, all-in-one, multi-channel audio/video mixer. It’s designed to work with an iPad and will eliminate the hassle of working many different types of AV equipment. Since live streaming and video production has become such a necessity in this pandemic-driven world, having the StreamLIVE Pro as the connecting piece of equipment comes in really handy. 



  • Integrates 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, streaming encoder, video converter, video splitter, and audio mixer
  • Compatible with every major platform and can Livestream to two platforms at the same time from virtually anywhere
  • Compact mixer control panel
  • OnAir™Pro App preset up to 8 scenes with custom video layout, preview and full-screen program monitoring, real-time editing, transitions in stunning DVE, PbP or PiP visual effects, and graphic and text overlays for a professional finish
  • DVE (Digital Video Effect) Video Transition – Including circle drop, window slice, polka dot, circle open, fade, heart, crosshatch and random square.
  • Quick and smooth transitions control for professional programming during live events
  • Multi-channel audio mixing with faders, meters, and balance for every input
  • Fanless and optimized thermal airflow system for quiet operation
  • Multitask designed handle-stand to enhance portability and ergonomic comfort angle
Video Input1 x 4K HDMI Type-A Female
(up to 2160p60, unencrypted)
3 x HDMI Type-A Female
(up to 1080p60, switcher, unencrypted )
Video Output1 x 4K Loop-Thru HDMI Type-A Female
(up to 2160p60, unencrypted)
1 x PGM HDMI Type-A Female
(up to 1080p60, unencrypted)
Video Sampling 4:2:2 8-bit
Video ResolutionHDMI 1 Input:
VGA(640×480@60), 480p60/50/30/25, SVGA(800×600@60), XGA(1024×768@60), 720p60/50/30/25, SXGA(1280×1024@60), WXGA+(1440×900@60), UXGA(1600×1200@60 RB), WUXGA+(1680×1050@60), 1080p60/50/30/25, 2160p60/50/30/25

HDMI 2/3/4 Input:
VGA(640×480@60), 480p60/50/30/25, SVGA(800×600@60), XGA(1024×768@60), 720p60/50/30/25, SXGA(1280×1024@60), WXGA+(1440×900@60), UXGA(1600×1200@60 RB), 1080p60/50/30/25

480p60/50/30/25, 576p60/50/30/25, 720p60/50/30/25, 1080p60/50/30/25

HDMI Loop-Through Output:
VGA(640×480@60), 480p60/50/30/25, SVGA(800×600@60), XGA(1024×768@60), 720p60/50/30/25, SXGA(1280×1024@60), WXGA+(1440×900@60), UXGA(1600×1200@60 RB), WUXGA+(1680×1050@60), 1080p60/50/30/25, 2160p60/50/30/25
Audio InputsHDMI captured inputs (stereo)
2 x 1/4″ TRS jack (dual mono) 
Audio OutputsHDMI outputs (stereo)
1x 1/8″ TRS jack (stereo)
Network ProtocolDual-stream encoder supports direct live streaming to CDN server over ethernet using Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP/RTMPS) 
Video Encoding

Format: H.264
Bit rate: 512Kbps~10Mbps
Color Format: YUV420
Resolution: 1080p30/25, 720p60/50/30/25, 480p60/50/30/25
Audio Encoding

Format: AAC
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Bit rate: 128kbps
Recording StorageMax. video resolution: 1080p30/25
File format:MP4
Support media: USB 3.x compatible mobile drive (HDD / SSD) or flash drive, at least 32GB of free space
Connection2x USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A Female (blue)
1x USB Type-C 
1x GbE LAN port
Operating Temperature0 – 40 Cº
Storage Temperature-20 – 60 Cº
Humidity 0 – 80% RH, Non-Condensing
OS Support• iPad Pro (3rd gen or later) with iOS 11 and above
The following iPad with iOS 11 and above (Additional Apple Lightning USB 3 Adapter is required):
• iPad Pro (1st and 2nd gen) • iPad (5th gen or later) • iPad Air (3rd gen or later) • iPad Mini (5th gen or later)
Maximum Input Power RatingDC12V, 7.5A
Power ConsumptionC12V:17.37W:184BTU
Dimensions 11.36 x 7.48 x 3.8 in


The StreamLIVE Pro comes in a very nicely branded box. There is a large image of the product on the front of the box along with several of the main features called out.  Inside the box you’ll find the StreamLIVE Pro, a USB-C to USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A cable, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. Operation of the device is actually pretty easy. Once the input devices – gaming system, PC, or camera – are connected through HDMI, you can use the iPad app to set up your program. I do love how easy it is to operate this with even minimal knowledge of how to use it. 


As I mentioned, my church has needed use of a device like this. So, when it arrived, I reached out to our minister and we go it set up through out A/V department. They primarily used this to stream memorial services in addition to standard church services since attendance was either limited or completely prohibited. With the memorial service, they had two cameras connected – one wide shot and one close up – and they used the StreamLIVE Pro to switch between them during the service. Since the StreamLIVE Pro has the ability to stream live to two different platforms as the same time, they actually used YouTube and Facebook for the memorial services so that they could reach more people. 


For the church services, they again decided to use a two-camera set-up, but this time, they also had presentation slides that called out bible verses, songs, and other information. The memorial services didn’t need that extra feature, but the regular services certainly took advantage of it. Our A/V director said that it was incredibly easy to use and he wished they had the StreamLIVE Pro during Christmas because that had been their first attempt at live streaming any services and the system they used for that was a lot more complicated and clunky. 


He said they are looking forward to continuing the live streaming worship options even after pandemic restrictions are lifted because many people who don’t typically come into the church find it a wonderful option to stay connected. He also told me they plan on doing some live streaming for bible school in the summer and a lot of the children’s ministries to be able to engage with more members and their children even when they are at home. 


Even though my use case is very specific, the StreamLIVE Pro can be used in a myriad of different scenarios including game streaming. Many podcasts now have video options as well as audio. Teachers could use this for virtual or in-person lessons. It might be an expensive option for some people, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the investment. I’ve struggled for many years with the idea of starting a podcast, but the StreamLIVE Pro could make that a reality now. The StreamLIVE Pro is so portable and easy to interact with that I think it’s a good value for the cost.

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