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Gone are the days of needing a sports watch, a hiking watch, a work watch, and a going out watch. Thanks to the versatility of the Apple Watch ecosystem, you can exchange the straps to enjoy a customizable, user-centric experience. If you are going out hiking/camping/backpacking, you can find a strap or bezel guard to match your activity. Additionally, if you decide to take a trek to the beach, to the pool, or to the lake, perhaps you could add a more waterproof/protective option. Or maybe, you desire something a little more elegant for your dinner date/formal occasion. No matter the activity, you can change out the straps of your watch to suit. If you are on the fence about buying an Apple Watch Series 6, or if you are interested in upgrading your strap collection, look to strapsco, “THE NO. 1 DESTINATION FOR WATCH BANDS AND WATCH ACCESSORIES.”

To access the strapsco collection, navigate to the website. Once there, you can select options for “Shop, Watch Bands, Fitbit Bands, Smartwatch Bands, OEM Bands, Sizes, Parts.” Before selecting anything, the website had a popup for a promo Buy 2 Get 1 Free +Free Shipping email link. I tapped “Shop” along the top left and found several options: New Arrivals, Best Sellers, Leather Watch Bands, Vintage Leather Watch Bands, Fitbit Bands, Apple Watch Bands, Rubber watch bands, Dassari, Garmin Watch Bands, Samsung Watch Bands, nato, Zulu, metal, suede, rally, pilot bands and aviator watch straps, nylon, thick leather, heavy-duty, waterproof, crocodile and alligator, Women collection watch bands, carbon fiber, extra-long, short, bund/cuff watch straps, canvas straps, mesh, and a variety of color options. Honestly, I was quite impressed with the variety. I tapped Smartwatch Bands along the top, followed by “Apple Watch.” I loved that I could filter by size (44mm), by color, or by watch model. I perused the options and found the beige-colored Distressed Leather Dassari Vintage Leather Straps to be quite attractive.

The beige-colored watch band arrived within a 4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall plastic bag. The two halves of the beige strap were separated into side-by-side compartments by a heat-sealed line. The translucent upper two-thirds of the packaging provided a clear view of the product, whereas the opaque lower section provided the perfect backdrop for the DASSARI name. I enjoyed the packaging design and presentation. Flipping the bag over, I found the rear opaque-panel covered in a staggered DASSARI logo design. I lifted the top flap of the bag and slid out both of the watchband pieces. The top half of the Dassari strap weighed 0.31 ounces and measured 3 3/8 inches long from the oval-shaped polished stainless buckle to the strap adaptor for Apple Watch 44mm. The 7/8-inches wide strap contained a similarly colored leather-free loop but did not have a fixed loop. The stainless buckle tongue matched the color of the buckle and the strap adaptor quite well. I loved the visual contrast between the silver colors and the suede-esque distressed leather look of the strap and free loop. The backside of the strap had a pressed DASSARI logo upon a lighter beige-color. Similar to the front panel, you will find well-spaced, sexy-stitching. I prefer to have my crown dial at the top of my left wrist. To install the strap onto the Apple Watch, I slid the Apple Watch strap adaptor into the slot along the Apple Watch’s top section. The locking mechanism ensured that the strap remained securely affixed to the watch.

The second half of the Apple Watch strap weighed 0.24-ounces despite being another 1.5-inches longer than the shorter strap. At 5 inches long and 7/8 inches wide, the lower strap only had the Apple Watch strap adaptor. Without the added heft of the buckle, the longer strap weighed less. I was pleased that the strap provided the same rustic feel, the same contrasting stainless steel watch adaptor, and visually appealing white stitching. Starting 7/8 inches from the end of the strap, you will find eleven evenly-spaced, punched-out adjustment holes. Flipping the strap onto the surface, you will find the same lighter-color underbelly as that of the other strap. Additionally, you will find another hidden punched phrase, “GENUINE LEATHER.” To install the strap onto the Apple Watch, I followed the same steps as above, cautious not to scratch the dark-aluminum shell. When fully combined, the Apple Watch Series 6 plus Dassari Watch Straps weighed a featherlight 1.90-ounces. I loved the straps’ look and feel and enjoyed a comfortable fit with the tongue securely affixed to the seventh adjustment hole. With the extra strap secured by the free loop, I felt that the strap fit my left wrist very well. It is important to note that this strap will not provide any protection to the watch itself. There is no bezel protection, nor any screen protection. If you are looking for a nice business-casual strap upgrade, this may be the perfect watch band for you. Inexpensive, comfortable, breathable, adjustable, easy-to-install, what more could you want from a strap? When ready to remove the strap, press the button on the lower section of the Apple Watch, and remove the straps. If you kept the plastic bag that the straps came in, you could return them for easy storage. If you did not save them, perhaps you have a watch storage case or a desk drawer that could keep the Apple Watch accessories.

I have used the strap over the past two weeks and found a few points to discuss. First, the strap is well-constructed, well-stitched, and comfortable. I was able to type on my keyboard, able to slide the watch slightly up and down my wrist for comfort, was able to easily don and doff the watch, and still maintain access to the rear sensor. However, working in a medical clinic, I missed having a rubberized, easy to clean material. For this reason, this strap was moved from a daily use strap to a special event strap. Using sanitizer regularly, I did not want to discolor the leather on the strap. Thus, a strap like the Super Waffle Rubber Strap with Apple Watch Adaptor worked better for my EDC (everyday-carry) experience (review to follow soon). When it comes to watch strap design and quality, I would rate this Dassari strap as one of the top ten that I have ever tested. Honestly, it may be in the top five most comfortable straps I have used. The buckle and free loop laid flat and did not press against the nerve in my wrist while typing, and the watch strap did not cause my wrist to sweat. With the bonuses of the visually appealing leather with the fresh leather smell, I would give this watch strap a resounding 10/10 review. If this strap does not excite you, do not fret! Check out their website for a rather diverse selection.

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