Stranded: Mars One iOS Game Review 3Like most people these days, I’m very busy. I’m always looking for the next fun game to kill a few minutes here and there to take a break. Recently, I have been playing Stranded: Mars One.

Stranded is a nice and simple freemium game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, that brings back the old school feel with classic 64-bit graphics and an easy enough control system that anyone can pick up and play. You start off with the basic tutorial and move thru the different levels gaining and mastering new abilities. Each new mastery is nice and simple which is great for me when I’m just Stranded: Mars One iOS Game Review 4playing for a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to progress thru most over the levels even though there are some tough ones here and there. With it being A freemium game there are still ways to sink a lot of money into the game and customize your abilities, but it doesn’t hinder your gameplay much. If you die a few times in a row you are asked if you would like to continue, but it comes with a price. It’s not much to buy coins, but I’m a die hard fanatic of not paying for in game content.

Stranded: Mars One iOS Game Review 5For someone who is nostalgic for the classic video games and their look this is a perfect example of how we get our fix these days. Overall Stranded is fun, you can pick up the game after not playing for weeks and it is still enjoyable.

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