Stop provides a fun, challenging word game for iOS devices.

Growing up, I would play all sorts of word games with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was famous in our family for playing Boggle. And, when my immediate family would have game night, it wasn’t unusual for Scattergories to make an appearance. I am also a fairly early adopter of the popular mobile game, Words with Friends. Suffice it to say, I’m a fan of all kinds of word games and I’m always on the look out for ones I can play on my iOS devices. I was thrilled when I found Stop.

stop-02Stop, the Fun Categories Word Game, developed by Fanatee, is a turn-based word game that puts you against other players, either random or through social networking. When you get started, you are asked to start a new game with either Facebook friends or a random opponent. If you select random, the game will search through users playing and put you with an opponent. You see a countdown with a predetermined letter. When the countdown is over, you have to put words that best fit into the categories shown that start with the chosen letter.

stop-01For example, I received the letter “E” and the following categories – animals, colors, languages, my boss is…, and professions. The answers I gave were – elephant, eggplant, English and entomologist. I missed the category for ‘my boss is…’ In this sense, Stop is very much like Scattergories.

What makes Stop unique is the ability to ‘stop’ your opponent from continuing on the level. Because its turn-based, one player plays and then the answers are sent to the other player. Each player has a time limit, but if you start the round, you can stop the clock at any point. That means your opponent is constrained by the ‘stopped’ time limit. For example, I started a round and answered the categories I could as quickly as I could and then stopped the round so that my opponent didn’t have extra time. I stopped the time at 0:11.

It’s a very fun and challenging game. I can highly recommend it to any word game fans. Some of the features include –

  • The ability to go head to head with your friends on Facebook
  • Unlimited fun with challenging categories to choose from
  • Different “Stop!” sounds to choose from
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Three languages to choose from – English, Spanish and Brazillian Portuguese

Stop is free to download with multiple in-app purchases available. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Like Fanatee.

Like Fanatee.