STOIK’D Lightweight, Insulated, Compact, Durable and Water Resistant Sleeping Pad.  Perfect for camping, backpacking or hiking.

Most of us look forward to a comfortable bed, especially at the end of the day.  When camping/hiking etc., our bed may be the ground, a sleeping pad, sleeping bag, air mattress/pad or possibly a cot.  As a Cubscout Den leader and father of two cub scouts, we have grown to really enjoy our camping weekends.  During the summer months, I use a military poncho liner on a Coleman cot, inside of my tent.  My children will often share an air mattress, which has its limitations (batteries, pump, deflating bed, puncture, etc.). Both of these options are nice and often provide a very comfortable sleeping situation.  However, I am the pack camel and must carry all of this to our site.  Additionally, I made the mistake of sleeping on my cot (with a ten degree F mummy bag) during a fall campout (Midwest USA) and was cooler than I thought.  Cold air, under the cot, drew away some of the heat that I generated within the sleeping bag.  Additionally, air mattresses tend to fill with colder air, the moisture in your breath may freeze, and this may make you cooler as well.  A self-inflating ground pad can often keep you off of the ground and will also act as a layer of insulation.  I purchased the STOIK’D Self-inflating ground pad to see how well this type of pad worked.

STOIKD Pad with sleeping bag
The sleeping pad arrived in a 9 inches wide by 13 inches tall blue nylon drawstring bag.  Along the front of the carry bag, you will find a very pleasing Stoik’D logo, underneath a white mountain outline.  The bag provides a very convenient method to store and carry the sleeping pad.  Unfortunately, the bag has no handle and no way to easily carry or attach the pad.  I would love to have a loop or handle for carrying/attaching the pad to my bag.  The thin drawstring bag can easily be removed by opening up the drawstring stopper.  The sleeping pad has two elastic bands, which contains the bundle.  Slip the bands off of the roll, unroll the pad and then unfold it.  Unrolled and laid flat, the sleeping pad measures 72 inches tall by 20 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick.  The pad has a wedge shape/mummy style and measures 20 inches wide at the top and 17 inches at the feet.  These measurements are relatively standard for sleeping pads and meet the industry standard for other similar sleeping systems.  The sleeping pad is devoid of markings except for the Stoik’D logo along the bottom.

STOIKD pad inflating valve
Along the bottom right edge of the pad, you will find the inflating valve.  Once you have unrolled the device and laid it flat on a surface, you can turn the valve counterclockwise.  The internal foam is designed to self-inflate as the vacuum is broken.  I did not find it to be firm enough through this method.  Luckily, you can add extra air into the valve by blowing.  Once you have reached the desired firmness, close the valve by turning this clockwise.  When your trip is done, and you no longer have a need for the sleeping pad, you can deflate it.  Open the valve again (turn counterclockwise) and start to roll the pad.  While you roll the pad, you will hear air blowing out of the valve.  You can press your knees into the bag to assist this process if desired.  Continue to roll the pad until you reach the end and then close the valve stem.  With the valve closed unroll the pad, fold it in half, open the valve slightly and then reroll to remove the remainder of the air.  Once complete, close the valve (clockwise) and then reattach the elastic bands and replace into the carry straps.

The lightweight bundle weighed just under 3 pounds and was actually pretty comfortable to lay upon.  The material is composed of high-density foam, which will hold air and help to maintain some of your heat.   We are endothermic, creating our own body heat.  Unfortunately, when there is a difference in heat, the body will either gain or lose heat through radiation, conduction, and convection.  One of those sources is a cold ground.  Similar to a down jacket, the Stoik’D mat helps to create a warm cushion of air to act as insulation.  It may not seem like a thin mat will make a difference, but I assure you anything that gets you off the ground can be a huge improvement.  The Stoik’D sleeping mat has an R-value of 4, which should be perfect for men and women during warmer months and possibly down to near freezing.  It is typically recommended to have an R-value of 5 or higher (starting point) for cooler months.

STOIKD Pad wrapped
My 8-year-old son has now commandeered this sleeping pad and has asked for this to be his bedding pad for camping, instead of the air mattress.  We used this pad for our recent overnight camp trip, with temperatures down to 40 degrees.  My son stated that it was incredibly comfortable and did not suffer air loss like the previous air mattress.  Even as the temperatures increased to mid 70’s, the surface felt cool and provided a little relief at the end of the day.  With just a few puffs of air initially, this pad stayed inflated throughout the 48-hour camping trip.   Personally, the fact that this bag remained inflated was the biggest perk of the test.  It is comfortable, lightweight and has a reasonable R rating for the weight.   It is incredibly easy to inflate, it is incredibly easy to store, and the drawstring bag is a wonderful addition to this kit.  As stated above, the only drawback is the lack of a carry handle or attachment straps on the bag.

I would rate the sleeping pad at 5/5 stars and would encourage this for camping/outdoor activities. I will be purchasing a second one for my six-year-old cub scout as well.  The price is very reasonable, and you will not be dissatisfied with your night sleep.

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