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Many years ago, I used to do the floppy disk shuffle. I spent many late nights in computer labs on my college campus and saved files by the kilobyte to 3.5 inch floppy disks in order to make sure I could work off of it the next day. Those wonderful little storage devices used to hold a whopping 1.44 MB of data. They weren’t meant for long-term storage because they would break down over time and a heavy magnetic could make you kiss your term paper goodbye. During my college years, we bid a fond farewell to those pieces of plastic and metal as the data evolution made way for flash drives. My first one was only 64MB in size. Still, a mind-blowing amount of storage at the time, but by today’s standards, it’s mere child’s play. Nowadays, the way to go for storage and file transfer is ‘the cloud’.

Stoamigo Review

Cloud storage, a derivative of ‘cloud computing’, is now mainstream and almost expected in some work environments. There is a lot to be said of storing your data in the cloud. First of all, if someone steals your computer, but all your files are stored in the cloud, you can recover them all. Second, your files are always there when you need them – no matter what device you are using. Take me, for example. I go back and forth between my home and work every day, and sometimes, I have to take my work home with me. For quite some time, I have stored files on thumb drives and carried them back and forth, but that ends now. I was recently introduced to Stoamigo, the cloud storage with a kick.

Stoamigo makes it possible for you to access all your files from all your devices. It’s not just a repository for files, like Dropbox or Google Drive, it’s a cloud gateway for your devices. In addition to traditional cloud storage, you also have the opportunity to enable your devices as cloud storage options. It’s a pretty awesome system once you get the hang of it. Stoamigo’s ecosystem is designed as a unified cloud solution that binds users’ storages – whether in the cloud, on a dedicated storage device, or even the extra storage space that resides on a client device – into one contiguous storage. It’s super convenient and user-friendly.

Stoamigo Review

I will admit when it came to setting this system up, I thought I would have to have a computer science degree to do so, but as it turns out, the set-up for the gateway as I like to call it, it very intuitive. First, it’s important to note that because Stoamigo wants you to have a unified system, they provide many options for accessing that system. There are desktop and mobile apps, a Tack app, and direct web access through the Stoamigo website.

Mobile & Desktop Apps
I was happy to discover that there were options for both desktop and mobile access for Stoamigo. Whether you use Mac or PC, or iOS or Android, there is a Stoamigo app for you to us. The biggest difference between the two types of apps is that with the mobile app, you can access, stream, upload files, and share files that are stored on your Stoamigo cloud. The only thing that separates the mobile app from the desktop client is the ability to sync. The desktop client will sync files directly to your cloud storage in a similar fashion to how Dropbox works. You can save files to a local folder and then they will sync to your cloud. I’ve been a long-time user of Dropbox, but really love the flexibility of Stoamigo’s system. I haven’t really touched on fees associated with Stoamigo yet, but perhaps now would be a good time to do so. Stoamigo’s ecosystem is 100% free to use. All the apps are free to download and use and there isn’t any type of limitation associated with it. The only fee that is incurred with Stomamigo is online storage.

Stoamigo Review

Now, you get 2GB free when you sign-up with Stoamigo, but if you want more space in addition to that, you can choose between their weekly, monthly, or yearly storage plans. This would be the only issue I really have with the system. Not that you have to pay for extra storage, but that it’s such a small amount in comparison to some other cloud storage options. The most you can purchase is 100GB. What is nice about this set-up is that Stoamigo allows you to pay for what you need, when you need it rather than restricting you to a contracted rate plan.

I am very impressed with how well the apps work. They connect seamlessly and I didn’t experience much lag time unless something was in the process of uploading. It’s a very smooth system.

Tack App
The tack app is a huge part of the Stoamigo system. This is what allows you to turn your local computer into a cloud storage device. The app is just a utility that connects your computer’s hard drive and data to your Stoamigo account. With the Tack app, you aren’t actually uploading anything, you are simply connecting one device to another using the Stoamigo system as a bridge. I connected my work PC to Stoamigo as well as my MacBook Pro. Once they were connected, I pulled up the Stoamigo app on my iPad Air 2. I was able to open files on both systems and share the without any issues. As long as the Tack App is open on your computer, you can connect with your files.

Stoamigo Review

Web App
Stoamigo ReviewI feel like the web app is the hub of the entire Stoamigo system. It is here that you can view all the parts of your Stoamigo cloud. The experience is very intuitive, but I will admit it looks more PC than Mac. When you first log in, you see your online storage on the home page and then have the file structure of your other connected devices along the side bar. During my testing of this system, I found that it was very responsive and I never had any delays in accessing files. The upload reaction time was nearly instantaneous. When my files said was done uploading on my computer, it immediately appears in the online storage folder and was then available immediately on all my connected devices.

The Stoamigo cloud system has been nearly flawless for me. Anyone who needs to frequently access files from multiple locations and devices should really check it out. It’s easy to use and very affordable.

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