Radial messenger bag works well for lots of tech products.

The STM Radial messenger bag gives many options for ways to organize and carry your tablets and laptops. I enjoy the process of utilizing bag compartment design to aide in keeping my things organized and easy to find. I don’t want to reach in a bag and have chaos to the point I can’t find things quickly or miss packing something with me. A great bag that has purposeful design is essential for me to use for daily commute and travel.

STM Radial 15” Laptop Messenger Bag

Even though I have the 13” Macbook Pro, I like to use 15” bags to carry it. This gives me a little extra room overall because I have the tendency to pack around a lot of things. The STM Radial messenger bag looks nice overall and could appeal to anyone. This bag is available in three colors – black, Moroccan blue, and steel. The fabric is water resistant and has a very good quality feel to it. The front flap of the messenger bag has a large pocket which I like for items I would want to take out frequently, like my phone. This provides quick access while wearing without having to flip open the bag. The Inside has two large areas that are for your laptop and the other one works great for iPads, or other tablets. It also contains more room if you had a book you wanted to bring along. The inside zipper pouch is a great area to put battery packs and small notebooks and pens. The strap is adjustable and you can wear it shoulder length or at the hip. The shoulder pad actually feels pretty nice but you can remove if you don’t like having them.

STM Radial 15” Laptop Messenger Bag

There are two significant features for this bag that set it apart from very basic bags. The bag has a sling design in the two inner pouches that helps keep the gear from touching the floor, That makes it great if you drop your bag you won’t have the items inside make direct contact with the ground. So that is a very well thought out way to protect your tech beyond the water resistant fabric. The other significant feature is the inside zipper compartment that is great for the portable batteries. These are an area made where you can feed your charging cables through to the inside of the part where I would put my iPad 2. I can connect them together without hooking them up outside of the bag,

STM Radial 15” Laptop Messenger Bag

Overall this bag is great for anyone and I feel people with a lot of tech products will really enjoy the benefits. There’s plenty of pockets to work with and are laid out to where you will easily be able to find your own organization pattern.

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