STM Drifter creates a ‘little hovering magic’ when you wear it.

I’m one of those people who searches and searches for the ideal laptop bag for my precious computer. It has to be stylish and functional — secure and easily accessed. In short, it has to be a ‘jack of all trades’ for me to truly appreciate it. I have liked STM bags for some time but not been fortunate enough to test one out — until now.

The STM Drifter Laptop Backpack is ideal for lightweight, but hearty travel. The bag only weighs 2.29 pounds, which is ideal for airline travel. The backpack meets TSA requirements for carry-on bags and because it is padded and lined specifically for laptop storage, it’s ideal for that type of use. It’s made from cotton and water resistant polyester, which is durable and lightweight. The Drifter will hold laptops up to 15 inches and has a tablet pocket, which is perfect for standard tablet sizes like the 9.7-inch iPad.

STM Drifter Laptop Backpack REVIEW Perfect for all uses STM Drifter Laptop Backpack REVIEW Perfect for all uses

I was recently planning my week-long trip to CES and making decisions about what bags would be best to carry with me. The Drifter was one of my top choices because of how easy it is to pack and because it has such a large main compartment. For a couple of weeks before the event, I was using it to travel back and forth when I was commuting to a town about an hour away from me. It was perfect because I could easily slide my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016 model) into the laptop slot and be on my way. There are a lot of backpacks out there that make it a little harder to slide items into pouches, but the Drifter is made for people who are on the go.

STM Drifter Laptop Backpack REVIEW Perfect for all uses STM Drifter Laptop Backpack REVIEW Perfect for all uses

Because I was planning on using it for a conference, I needed a bag that would have plenty of space for giveaways and also many pockets for organization. The STM Drifter has both. I think one of the most impressive features of this bag is actually its padded, contoured straps. The back has some really impressive padding, too, and it wears very easily. It’s probably the most comfortable backpack I’ve used in a very long time. Part of the ‘magic’ of the bag is that devices are suspended off the bottom of the bag. This was done so that if the bag was dropped, laptops would be protected. Because of this, it almost seems like the bag floats off your back.

The STM Drifter Laptop Backpack is perfect for all uses — from everyday tasks to week-long travel. It comes in four different color choices and will fit all your necessities. I’m looking forward to using it for all sorts of future uses.

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