Keep your shoes fresh with StinkBoss.

While I’ve never been much of a fitness nut, I have experienced smelly shoes before. And what do you do with those stinky shoes? You end up washing them, or putting them outside and hoping for the best. None of these options tend to really do the trick well. So if you are an athlete that depends on using your shoes day in and day out, what do you do? You can continue to freshen your shoes using the methods that don’t really work, or you can use a shoe deodorizer like StinkBoss.

StinkBoss Shoe Deodorizer REVIEW

StinkBoss is a device that is designed to dry, disinfect, and deodorize your shoes. The appliance uses mild heat to wick away moisture in your shoes. Then, it uses ozone technology to disinfect your shoes using a naturally occurring element found in nature. Since it’s the combination of sweat and bacteria that causes odor, combining the heat and ozone will eliminate the odor rather than just covering it up like you would when using something like Febreeze.

It works simply enough. You open up the appliance chamber and put your shoes in. Then you lock down the lid and set it to clean. Timing is a bit tricky. You start with 30 minutes on the timer (without heat) and you can leave your shoes in the box for up to 6 hours if needed. So, you set the timer and let the StinkBoss do its thing.

StinkBoss Shoe Deodorizer REVIEW

When I tested out the StinkBoss, I used a pair of well-loved tennis shoes. I left them in for about an hour to see how it was working. I did this after the shoes got completely drenched in a rain storm. I found that when your shoes are soaked, that one hour is not enough time to get them dry. That being said, I did find the odor was completely eliminated after I used it. I did have to leave the shoes in for a while longer to make sure they were completely dry, but I found that sometimes longer is just better.

In addition to the shoes, I decided to try out drying a towel. My regular dryer didn’t end up drying the towel so I tossed it into the StinkBoss. I left it in for about two hours and found that while StinkBoss does a nice job of cleaning/deodorizing shoes, it did not do this with a towel. In fact, the towel stayed completely damp.

StinkBoss Shoe Deodorizer REVIEW

StinkBoss is a great option for athletes to keep their gear clean and fresh. While it doesn’t work on much more than shoes, it’s still worth the investment to keep your shoes ready for the next game.

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