Remembering Steve Jobs on his 62nd birthday

Steve Jobs did what he thought was right and by doing so he helped bring amazing products and services to life. Jobs might be gone but he will always be in the hearts of the Apple fanboys and girls who look down at the wonderful Apple products they use every day.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple was groomed to take Steve’s place and Tim surely has made Steve proud with the way he’s managed Apple. Cook has taken Apple to the highest it’s ever been to before. The only downside is that Steve isn’t here to witness all of it. Cook takes time each year to remember Jobs on monumental anniversaries such as Jobs’s death or his birthday.

Celebrating Steve Jobs

Jobs founded Apple in 1976 along with Steve Wozniak. Nine years later, Jobs resigned from the company only to return 12 years later in 1997. He remained as CEO until 2009 when Cook was handed the reins temporarily while Jobs was on medical leave. Jobs continued working at the company making high-level decisions along with Cook until shortly before his death in 2011 (Cook assumed permanent CEO responsibilities just six weeks before Jobs’s death). During his tenure at the technology company, Jobs oversaw the design, promotion, and production of the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. He has been credited with turning Apple into the tech giant it is today.

Today, we remember the man who brought us the technology we carry in our hands and pledge to Think Different.