Siberia 350 headphones are built for total gaming and audio immersion

There are a lot of different types of headphones and headsets out there and I’ll admit that I have more than one type to make sure I’m covered when it comes to my listening preferences. One style I’ve never really ‘fit’ with is the ones built for gaming. It’s not that they aren’t great headphones – it’s just that I don’t game that much. I typically use headphones to isolate myself from my surroundings so that I can focus on work or writing. But, what I found recently, is that gaming headphones can be just what I need.

The Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones from SteelSeries came across my desk about a week ago. I used them for a bit while at home to listen to music and they were a nice fit for that, but what ended up being more impressive was when I took them to work. Throughout the day, there are phones ringing, multiple voices having conversations, outside foot traffic from delivery people, and other interruptions that can make concentrating difficult at times. The cans of the headphones fit completely around my ears – something I wasn’t’ sure about since they were totally rounded – and while they aren’t noise cancelling per se, they do offer quite a bit of isolation.

Another thing I wasn’t sure about was the flexibility of the Siberia 350s. They are stationary in nature – meaning they don’t fold up. And, because they aren’t wireless, there is a cord to deal with, too. I’ve found that I can easily wrap the cord around the cans of the headphones and stash them in my laptop bag to carry them to and from work. The headphones are very sturdy and hold up well to this type of storage. That being said I would love to see a case made for them. SteelSeries does make a case for another type of headphones they sell, but not the Siberia 350. There are third party sellers that have cases (CASEMATIX and Lanshowed), but I can’t speak to those cases because I’ve not tested them out.

SteelSeries Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones REVIEW 7.1 DTS Immersive Sound

The sound quality is amazing on with the Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones. I’ve tested them out with several different types of audio and with and without the aid of the SteelSeries Engine app. First, I pulled up my soundtrack to Cirque du Soliel – Toruk: The First Flight. It’s a very rhythm-driven, instrumental soundtrack. It reminds me a lot of the soundtrack of The Lion King. It’s got a wide range of sounds and voices. Overall, it’s a great test for any headphones. My first test (without using Engine) was satisfactory. I thought the music sounded great and that the headphones produced a solid amplification of the computer. Then, I used Engine. Engine is a wonderful accessory to any SteelSeries device. It gives you the ability to really make headphones, keyboards, mice – your own. There are many ways you can customize your experience and I really love that Engine actually uses the internal operating system of your computer to drive the customization. For example, when I started up the app on my MacBook Pro, I had to allow the ability to control my computer. With the Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones, I can utilize the built-in equalizer to really enrich the sound of the headphones. So my ‘pretty good’ went to ‘great’ in a matter of seconds.

SteelSeries Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones REVIEW 7.1 DTS Immersive Sound

The next thing I did was to test out how the Siberia headphones worked with movie audio – dialogue, music, background noises, etc. – it’s just a much different beast than just music. So, I used Netflix to test streaming audio and imported a couple of digital movies into my iTunes library to test out the audio there. On Netflix, I went with something simple – Family Guy. It’s a pretty simple audio track. It has a lot of dialogue and a laid back music track. The Siberia 350 headphones provided a wonderful listening experience to a TV show that I’ve watched dozens of times.

My next test may not seem like a good one, but I’ll explain how it is. I turned on Sex and the City the movie from iTunes. The movie actually has a pretty diverse soundtrack. There is a heavy bass-driven music track that includes artists like Fergie, Jennifer Hudson, Run-D.M.C., and India.Arie and the headphones handled it very well. I had the equalizer set to Immersion and found that there was a very good definition of all aspects of the soundtrack.

SteelSeries Siberia 350 Gaming Headphones REVIEW 7.1 DTS Immersive Sound

Even though I didn’t use the Siberia 350 for ‘gaming,’ I still found them to be a very capable set of headphones. I love that they have a retractable microphone – I’ve used it a couple of times for conference calls and using it for dictation – and that they are so comfortable. I wish there was a better way to store them and wrap up the cable, but for a corded headset that plugs in through USB, the Siberia 350 headphones are a welcome addition to my accessories. The only issue I really had with the headphones is the volume control on the cord. It’s a little touchy and if you’re not careful, you could easily turn it up and down without knowing it.

The Siberia 350 headphones from SteelSeries are a wonderful option for a quality audio accessory for any type of listening.


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