A nicely designed stand that has the end-user in mind. 

One of the first things I do in the morning is to place my iPhone onto a stand. This keeps the phone from sitting flat on my desk and it’s easily viewable while I work. I’ve always had some sort of viewing stand available for my phones and tablets, but I think they are more popular now than ever before since people are using their phones for video conferencing from home. In fact, according to some recent statistics, 78% of corporate companies are using video conferencing and requiring that their employees, some of whom are working from home, have access to be able to participate in video calls and meetings. Personal smartphones and tablets are the most likely access people have to that type of technology. Therefore, having a sturdy stand available that puts the phone at the correct height for video calls, can be very useful. StarTech.com, a company I’ve used for many years for high-quality cables and hubs has a Universal Smartphone and Tablet Stand that is portable, adjustable, and durable. 


The Universal Smartphone and Tablet Stand from StarTech.com is made with durable aluminum and works for most smartphones and 4” to 13” tablets (weight up to 1.7lb). This includes the 12.9” iPad Pro. The stand is adjustable – thanks to its two hinges – and ensure that you can type and swipe without having to support the tablet with your hand. The stand folds completely flat so that it’s easily portable. The adjustable nature of the stand ensures that you have ergonomic viewing and use of your phone or tablet. Both hinge points move smoothly and evenly so that you can get just the right angle each and every time you use  it. 

Warranty3 years
HardwareWall Mountable: No# of Displays Supported: 1
Packaging informationPackage Height: 0.9 in [24 mm]Package Length: 5.4 in [13.6 cm]Shipping (Package) Weight: 7.3 oz [208 g]Package Width: 3.1 in [80 mm]
PerformanceWeight Capacity (Per Display): 28.2 oz [800 g]General Specifications: Maximum Depth: 0.4 in. (11 mm )Maximum Display Size: 13″
Physical CharacteristicsColor: BlackProduct Height: 5.1 in [13 cm]Product Length: 11.0 in [28.0 cm]Weight of Product: 6.6 oz [188 g]Product Width: 3.0 in [75 mm]Material: Aluminum
What’s in the Box1 – stand


The Universal Smartphone and Tablet Stand comes in a simple retail box. I’ve never been a big fan of StarTech.com’s packaging because it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. There is a lot of text and a very small image of the product. I would much rather see a larger image of the product and simple graphics that highlight the name of the product and the brand. On that note, StarTech.com is really more of a brand that sells from online orders rather than from a shelf in a retail store. Even so, I think a cleaner design of the package would be more appealing. 

Inside the box, you will find the stand wrapped in some foam packaging that is meant to protect the stand from scratches and dents while in transit. There is no manual or warranty card included along with the stand. The operation of the stand is pretty self-explanatory. When it arrives, it’s folded flat and you can simply unfold it using the two-hinge system. Both hinges swivel more than 180 degrees so that you can position your phone or tablet exactly where you want. 

Before I received this stand, I was using a simple plastic foldable stand. It’s functional, but my phone is still sitting on my desktop and I have to look down at the screen. It’s not very ideal for video calls because the camera is at an angle where a viewer would be looking up my nose. When I unpacked the StarTech.com stand and started using it, it became very apparent how much better the taller stand was than what I was using. I had my phone perched on it for a while and really enjoyed reviewing tweets and emails on it. I answered several texts using the stand and while there was a little bit of bounce, it wasn’t unusable. 

Because you should be able to use this stand with a tablet, I placed my 10-inch iPad Pro on it and instantly fell in love. I typically just use the viewing stand that is built-in to the Apple Smart Keyboard, but when I placed it on the StarTech.com stand, it was like an entirely new viewing experience. I actually ended up leaving some streaming news playing throughout my workday using the iPad and the stand because it was so convenient to view. The iPad was secure and I even had the iPad placed on the stand with the Smart Keyboard folded behind it. 


I simply adore this stand. While it’s meant for more complicated tasks, I have found joy in using it as a regular daily stand for my phone at my home office desk. It’s pretty much a ‘perfect’ stand for me since it folds up for storage when it’s not needed and it doesn’t take up much space when you do. The stand even has a cutout in the back for cable management. It’s a simple concept that is executed very well. 

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