Squick! is a simple mobile game that is poorly executed.

Squick! is a mobile game in which you are presented with a grid of nine gray squares. The point of the game is to tap the squares as soon as they turn blue while avoiding the squares that turn pink. The concept is pretty simple. As you progress, more than one square lights up at a time, which poses a challenge since the time you’re given to tap the squares is extremely brief.

Honestly, I don’t like this game. It isn’t really fun or entertaining as it is, but I feel like it could be vastly improved with a few small changes.

There have been a few rounds I’ve played that I lost for no apparent reason. I think it might have to do with the very, very short time you’re given to tap (or not tap) the squares once they’ve turned color. Increasing that time just a little would make gameplay less on the frustrating side of difficult and more on the challenging side. Possibly the time could start out longer and get shorter as you progress.

Squick! iOS Game REVIEW Squick! iOS Game REVIEW Squick! iOS Game REVIEW

Playing this game with only your thumbs (you know, the usual way people play mobile games) is pretty much impossible, as it requires you to tap multiple squares simultaneously. Tapping squares in quick succession can work as well, but there isn’t time enough for more than two taps in the time limit. This could be helped with lengthening the time given to tap the colored squares, but the problem could also be fixed by only having a maximum of four squares turn color per round.

My highest score was 34, and I didn’t run into a pink square once in that game. That is pretty typical. I think I only ran into two or three pink squares the entire time I was playing Squick! Since avoiding pink square death is one of the main points of the game, I feel like it should be more prevalent in gameplay.

Ultimately, Squick! is a simple idea for a mobile game that has been poorly executed. I wouldn’t recommend it, as there are so many other free mobile games that you could be playing instead. Hopefully, there will be some changes to make this game better playable, but for now, it’s a miss for me.


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