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Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand Review 3One of the accessories I use quite frequently with my iPhone is its headphones. I know that some people do not prefer them to third party sets, but I find them to be quite comfortable and it’s nice being able to still hear the atmosphere around me. It can be difficult to carry them around though. Apple started including a case with the newer version of the headphones, but it’s somewhat awkward to wrap them back up every time you use them. That’s why I really like the Earphone Case and Stand from Square Jellyfish.

Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand Review 4The Earphone Case and Stand is a creative device that allows users to wrap up their Apple earbuds with little trouble. It’s very lightweight and ideal for traveling. When I first found this product, I was most excited about the option to carry my earbuds in a fashion that didn’t tangle them and kept them free from damage. Then I discovered the stand feature of this case.

The stand is very cleverly hidden. When you open the case, you it will fall open into a flat position. If you continue to bend the back, it will snap into a locked position with a small footrest for your phone. The best part about this stand is that it will allow you to use your phone, or tablet, in either portrait or landscape orientation. Also, when it’s in stand form, there are some small rubber feet that help to keep it from sliding around. The stand holds the phone at a nice angle for any activity.

Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand Review 5Now, back to the ear bud case part of this accessory. At first try, I had some difficulty wrapping my ear buds into the case. The product designer did include instructions and there are some pretty thorough videos on their website, but for some reason I just had some trouble. It wasn’t until I realized that the the small channel in between the ear buds is meant for the headphone jack and not the microphone/controller that I ended up being able to wrap the cable correctly. It’s actually quite simple if you realize that first. I also noticed that when fully wrapped, the wrapped cable will stick out a bit on the sides of the case. This isn’t a bad thing because it doesn’t impede the case from closing completely and the cable has not become caught on anything. I only wanted to point this out as being normal.

Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand Review 6I am huge fan of the Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand. It’s sturdy, well-designed and most of all, keeps my ear buds from being tangled. I also really like that I can use the case as a stand without having to unwrap my earbuds.

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