Good for unconventional air vents.

Car Vent Mount Review 3I’ve used a lot of different car mounts for my phone. The one I like the most actually connects to my air vent. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing out various models of phone mounts and was intrigued by the Car Vent Mount by Square Jellyfish.

The reason I that I was interested in this particular Car Vent Mount was because I thought it might work well with the rounded vents in my car. The mount is designed differently than others I’ve seen. Instead of having a remeasured opening for the vent slat, this mount has a clasp that you manually tighten around a vent opening. It’s made from very heavy duty plastic and the mechanism seems very strong. It’s designed to allow you grip your phone with one hand and prevent shaking of your device while driving.

Car Vent Mount Review 4I’ve been testing this mount for the past few days and have some interesting results. First of all, the mount will work with some circular vents. In my RAV4, I have two standard air vents in the center of my dashboard and then two circular ones on the driver and passenger sides. The first thing I did was test it out in the standard vents. The mount held steady and installed easily. I did have some issues with gripping the phone one-handed. Whenever I tried to, the mount would slip.

Car Vent Mount Review 5Next, I tried out the mount in the rounded vent. While it worked, I had to make sure that the vent was turned a certain way so that it wouldn’t close under the weight of the mount and the phone. I actually found that this mount worked better with the circular vent in my car. I was able to tighten it more and it didn’t slip when I tried to grip the phone with one hand.

Now, this mount is meant to hold phones up to 3 5/8″ wide (iPhone 6 Plus). I didn’t have an issue with my iPhone 6, until I added a battery case to it. Once I did, the Car Vent Mount just didn’t hold it well. You can fold up the clamp when it’s not in use and also use the mount as a stand on a desk.

The Car Vent Mount by Square Jellyfish is a very well-constructed mount with a strong clamp. It’s very good for unconventional air vents in cars.

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