Square Cash makes it easy to send cash payments person-to-person.

squarecash-1Last week, Square Inc, the merchant services aggregator and mobile payments company released the newest addition to their software portfolio, Square Cash. Square was created when Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey was unable to complete a purchase because the merchant couldn’t accept credit cards. The payment service began with the Square Reader in 2010, which utilizes the audio jack of mobile device to record data from the reader. Since that time, Square, Inc. added Square Register, Square Wallet and now Square Cash.

Square Cash opens a new door for the card-based payment company. Now, users can send and receive cash by sending a simple email. To use Square Cash to send money, follow the steps below.

  1. Create an email.
  2. Address the email to cash recipient. Cc “cash@square.com”
  3. Enter the amount to be sent in the subject line.
  4. Hit send.

squarecash-2It’s just that easy to send money through Square Cash. Square will ask you to link a debit card to your account in order to pull the money from your account, but they will only ask you once for it because it links to an email address that you use. The service can be used without the app, but the app does save a few small steps.

When you start the iOS app, you are met with a screen similar to a calculator. You use this screen to select the amount to send and then attach it to an email. The app actually constructs the email for you except for the contact information. Once that is selected, you can hit ‘send’.

Square Cash for iOS is incredibly easy to use and a great way to send cash from person to person. Money automatically deducts from your bank account within a couple of business days. Even though the Square Cash service is secure, I would recommend only using it with people you know. It’s great for transferring cash from spouse at home to spouse on the road for business, but I wouldn’t use it for making a classified ad purchase. Something like that is always best done with cash in hand, not electronically.

Square Cash is fast, easy and 100% free. I recommend it to anyone who transfers money on a regular basis. It’s a great tool to own.