Spy cameras help you protect your home and belongings from harm.

In this day and age, you can’t be too careful with your stuff. Unwanted intruders could come into your home, or a trusted friend could betray you in your own home. You just never know. Hidden cameras can be a big benefit when you are worried about the state of protection within you home or office. SpyGearGadgets has some great spy camera options and I’ve had the opportunity to try two of them out.

1080P Full HD Motion Activated AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera
This spy camera option is incredibly ingenious in my opinion. First of all, it’s made to look just like a wall power adapter. This makes detecting it as an oddity in the room nearly impossible. You could walk right past it and not think anything of it. You can plug it into the wall and then walk away from it. It comes with a small remote control that attaches to your keychain. It has four buttons on it, but according to the instructions, only three of the buttons are in use. Setting up the AC Adapter camera is easy. You plug it into the wall and then power it on with the remote. The camera has two main recording modes – motion detected and continuous. To active the motion detected recording, you simply turn the camera on. For continuous recording, you simply turn the camera on and then press the C button twice to activate it. The camera will record until you power it off and it will save files every 5 minutes.

SpyGearGadgets Hidden Spy Cameras REVIEW

For my primary testing of this camera, I plugged it into a wall that faces my desk and let it record for a while. I chose to use the continuous recording method and was shocked to find that the files were HUGE when I downloaded them from the Micro SD card. It does record in 1080P HD video resolution, so I didn’t expect small files, but one of the video files was over 2GB in size. Another surprise for me was that the recorded file was an AVI file. I actually had to download a different media player than what I had (VLC) in order to view the video files. This was a little bit of a hassle and I would much rather see the video files be MPEG-4 files. Aside from that little roadblock, the video actually looks pretty good. I was able to convert a clip of the video file as an example, but I think the quality suffered a little bit. It seems that the video is a little grainy and that the overhead light really blew out the whites in the video. But, the image is clear enough to determine what is going on in the video.

While the AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera was easy to set-up and use, I feel that it fell short when it came to collecting the media from it. Also, I only tested it for about 15 minutes or so and the camera body (AC Adapter) was very warm when I unplugged it. I’m not a big fan of the fact that you really aren’t sure what mode you are on or  know whether or not the camera is truly recording. I know it’s supposed to be invisible, but  some sort of sign that it’s working would be helpful. It would be great if maybe the remote indicated that the camera was recording or at least tell you what mode it’s set on. This is not a bad option for a portable camera that records to SD card. SpyGearGadgets did include an 8GB card with it. The only real issue I had with this was setting up the camera settings. You have to rewrite some of the code inside a text file generated by the camera. This file is saved onto the SD card. You can change the date/time and recording times, but it’s a little complicated.

1080P HD Professional Grade DIY Mini Black Box Hidden Camera
This hidden camera is a great option for people who want to be able to charge a portable camera and hide it somewhere. The Mini Black Box Hidden Camera is a simple, but elegant spy camera. The box is smaller than a mobile phone and seems very sturdy. I have to admit that even though it’s easy to use and set-up, I had a little bit of a rocky start. The first issue I had was regarding the power. It does have an internal battery that you can charge and recharge many times. I only let it charge for about an hour when I tried to test it out. This was a mistake on my part. I would recommend that you let it charge up full (approximately 7 hours) before trying to record video. You will know that the battery doesn’t have enough charge if you turn the camera on and the blue light flashes rapidly. A slow flash means it’s ready to record.

SpyGearGadgets Hidden Spy Cameras REVIEW

The second issue I had was knowing what recording mode I was in. Aside from the tactile click of the mode buttons on the camera body, there is no indication of what mode you are currently in. This was a problem for me as I tried several times to record and ended up with a blank SD card. Fortunately, after the camera was fully charged, I was able to set the camera to motion detected recording mode and captured some really great footage. In the end, I think that my issues were operator error-related, but I wanted to mention them in case someone else had a similar issue.

All in all, it’s not a bad camera. It’s made really well and captures nice video. There is quite a bit of heat exchange during use and charging so you may want to be cautious about where you are hiding it. There is no Micro SD card included with the camera, but it will accept up to a 128GB card. I used a 32GB card that I already had and it worked beautifully. One thing that I really appreciated about this spy camera that some other devices don’t offer is the video file type. Video files are recorded as MPEG-4, which makes it very easy to share. I do not like how you have to change the settings on the camera. You have to edit a text file generated by the camera, which is saved to the SD card. There is code you have to change and it’s a little complicated. The instructions do outline how to do it, but it’s a little confusing.

No matter which option you choose, you need to find what will work best for your situation. I do wish that these cameras connected to my phone, but I’m happy knowing that I can turn them on quickly and quietly to ensure that protection is at its maximum around my belongings.


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