Splash Colors FX brings simple photo enhancement to your Mac.

SplashColorsFX-2Since the inclusion of digital cameras in mobile phones in the 1990s, everyone can become a photographer. Family events are easily captured as mobile phones are always within reach. As smart phones have evolved so have photo editing apps. Apps like Instagram make it easy for users to manipulate photographs and share them with loved ones. Now Splash Colors FX makes brings user-friendly photo editing to the Mac.

Splash Colors FX has an easy drag-and-drop function that allows users to pull photos directly from the hard drive or applications like iPhoto into Splash Colors FX. Once loaded, the photograph is turned to black and white so that the color can be enhanced on selected pieces of the photograph. Let’s say you have a picture ofyour child and you want to turn the picture black and white, but leave their eyes blue. Splash Colors FX can accomplish this task with a few simple steps.


My favorite thing about this app is that it is so easy to use. It allows everyday users to edit photos in a way that used to only be possible through more complicated applications like Photoshop, that can take years to master. I took a photo from my iPhoto library. Dropped it into Splash Colors FX and was done manipulating it within a few minutes.

Splash Colors FX allows users to share their work easily through email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and even Airdrop. The app also allows for the flexibility of exporting in several different formats including JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP.

I recommend this app to anyone who enjoys photography and wants an extra tool in their photo editing kit. It retails for $4.99, but is currently on sale for $0.99 in the Mac App Store.