Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2

9 Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wider seat base helps provide back support
  • Designed for long-term use
  • Priced appropriately


  • None
Ease of Use
Sound Quality

A superior chair for multiple types of use.

I struggle a lot with discomfort while I work. I’m sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and then in the evening, I’m in a chair for another 5-6 hours. It’s tough. I do get up every hour or so and move around but I still suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain because of the sheer amount of sitting I do. For a long time at work, I had a ‘used’ chair. It had been there from the previous occupant of my job and being a nonprofit, we use what we have. I eventually got a newer used chair when the casters on my old one broke off, but its stuffing was so poor that I had no support for my back at all. So, I found myself searching for a new office chair and I landed on the Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 from Spieltek as a solid option.

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW


The Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 has a design similar to a racing seat. Speiltek designers chose this shape to provide users with long-term comfort for gaming sessions as well other types of use. The chair has an extra-high backrest, contoured shoulder area, and side bolsters for support. The Bandit Gaming Chair has a larger seat base for added back support. The chair has an all-metal frame for stability and support of up to 330 pounds. It has adjustable height, tilt angles, recline, and armrests to fit how you sit. A lumbar pillow and headrest pillow are included for additional support. The chair is durable as it’s wrapped in leatherette material covering for a soft, textured feel and stylish design. The casters are larger than standard office chairs measuring 3” in size.


Adjustable Seat Height: 15-17.5” (38.1-44.75 cm)
Seat Width: 15” (38.1 cm)
Seat Depth: 23.25” (59 cm)
Desk Clearance: 26” (66 cm)
Max Weight Supported: 330 lb (150 kg)
Caster Size: 3” (75 mm)
Weight: 60 lb (27 kg)

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW


When the chair arrived, some assembly was required. It was shipped in a brown cardboard box and even though it was plain, the product was well identified. It is a heavy, awkward box so I recommend asking for help if you have to move it. Speiltek makes the assembly process quite easy sending all the major parts pre-assembled. The first step to assembly is to remove the bolts from the sides of the top half of the chair. When you do, you can line up the side brackets from the seat of the chair to the sides of the top and tighten the bolts back into the top of the chair. This secures the top and the seat of the chair together.

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW

Next, you will secure the wheelbase of the chair to the seat using the bolts that are stored in the metal frame of the chair. After those two pieces are tightened down, you can pop the wheels into the 5-point wheel frame. Finally, you please the top chair assembly into the wheel frame. After about 30 minutes, the chair is ready to use. One of the things I really appreciate about the Speiltek chair is that the arms were already attached. That is something I usually struggle with for one reason or another. So, I was relieved to see them already attached.

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW

The Bandit XL Gaming Chair is a hefty chair. It weighs approximately 60 pounds and will hold up to 330 pounds. This is one of the features about it that makes it “XL”. It’s designed to hold bigger people. The seat base of the chair is also wider than standard desk chairs. In my opinion, even people aren’t bigger can benefit from a wider chair base because I feel like the weight is distributed better than ones with a smaller seat. Some of the other features that I really enjoy and benefit from are the tilt and recline functions. The entire seat can tilt or remain stationary with a flip of the tilt lock. The back will recline independently of the tilt function, which is very nice when you need to rest your back from being at 90 degrees all day.

Spieltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 REVIEW


I’ve actually been using this chair now for several weeks. With it being a gaming/desk chair, I wanted to give it a full testing period because I’ve had some chairs be great for the first week and then as they get broken in, the support fails and my back is in worse shape then it was with the older, used chairs. Fortunately, the Speiltek Bandit XL Gaming Chair V2 lives up to being a great chair even after continued, long-term use. The padding in the seat and back are still very firm and I’ve not noticed anything coming loose in the chair. I love the larger caster wheels. I feel that they contribute to a lot to the even weight distribution and overall stability of the chair. I can wholeheartedly recommend this chair to any type of user and strongly recommend it for those who sit behind a desk for 8+ hours a day.

For more information, visit spieltekgaming.com.


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