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I’ve always loved photography. Growing up, I always had disposable cameras until every once in a while, my dad would let me use my grandfather’s Nikon 35mm. I loved the sound that camera would make when I would snap a few shots. Now that I am venturing into the DSLR world and have been gifted a Canon 70D, I am paying very close attention to not only how the camera should be treated, but ways I can keep it safe when in use. I am the type of smartphone user that always has her phone in a case and when I can’t have the same for my DSLR, I want to do all I can to ensure its safety. One accessory that I’m finding to be very helpful is a hand strap.

Hand straps are designed to attach to a DSLR on the right-hand side where the standard hand grip is located. Most of them will attach to the strap mount and the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera body. The problem with most hand straps that I’ve seen is that once you have it attached, you can’t use anything else. Let’s say you want to use a hand strap while you are on the go, but then quickly attach your camera to a tripod for a steady shot. Well, you can’t do that with many hand straps because they use the tripod mount. This means you have to completely remove the hand strap in order to use the Tripod mount for another use. It’s a hassle that quick-moving photographers don’t want to deal with. For those on-the-go photographers, SpiderHolster has the answer with their SpiderPro Hand Strap and SpiderLight Hand Strap.

SpiderPro and SpiderLight Hand Straps REVIEW

SpiderHolster creates some remarkable products for photographers. They are designed to work with you and not against you. The hand straps are no exception. Both the Pro version and the Light version are designed to be used as stand-alone hand straps or alongside the SpiderHolster plate or any other type of plate including tripod plates. The portion of the strap that attaches to the tripod mount on the camera is adjustable so that it will work with any size hand. And, with both versions of SpiderHolster’s hand strap, if you want to use the strap with something other than the included screw, you simply attach it to the tripod mount on the camera like you normally would. The main difference between the two straps is that the Pro version is meant for the heavier, full-frame DSLRs while the Light version is for smaller DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras. The SpiderLight Hand Strap is made with Nylon while the SpiderPro Hand Strap is made primarily out of leather. Both straps have padding on the inside so that they don’t rub your hand while you use it and they both install on your camera in essentially the same way.

SpiderPro and SpiderLight Hand Straps REVIEW

I had the wonderful experience of being able to use the SpiderPro Hand Strap while I was on vacation. I installed the strap on my Canon 70D and I’ve been surprised to find that it hasn’t loosened since I attached it. I do recommend that you read through the instructions completely before you attempt installing it because it makes more sense. The first thing you do is insert the hand strap into the slot on the right-hand side of the camera. Both the Pro and Light versions have a heavy plastic insert that wraps through the slot. This is a unique feature from SpiderHolster because most hand straps in the market simply have a cloth-based strap, which loosens very quickly. SpiderHolster’s doesn’t. On the Light version, you fold the insert over and snap it into place. It comes with several different adapters to ensure you have the proper fit for any camera. On the Pro version, you have the cloth strap, but it wraps through a series of looks so that it stays tight.

SpiderPro and SpiderLight Hand Straps REVIEW

Another feature of the Pro version is the wrist strap. This is an additional leather strap that snaps into place on the hand strap and wraps around your wrist for extra security. It is optional, but I actually really like having it especially in areas like a beach in Florida where there are a lot of elements that could ruin the camera. When I first installed the SpiderPro strap on the 70D I overtightened it and it was very uncomfortable. My hand was locked at a 45-degree angle and I couldn’t use any of the camera functions on the right side of the camera. As soon as I loosened it, my hand felt relaxed and the camera still felt secure on my wrist. I use the hand strap primarily as a stand-alone product, but I love how easy it is to swap out the tripod socket screw on the bottom and swap it out for the SpiderHolster plate or a tripod quick release plate.

SpiderPro and SpiderLight Hand Straps REVIEW

You can’t underestimate the power of a good hand strap. It really enhances your photography experience because you aren’t constantly concerned about the safety of your equipment. And, in my opinion, The SpiderPro Hand Strap is the best option available for DSLR cameras. The SpiderLight is a great option for lighter weight cameras and either strap will definitely hold up under pressure.

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