A great option for wearing your GoPro or lightweight camera.

Over the past few years, I’ve been learning about a variety of different camera accessories that can really elevate the way I capture video. I’ve found that I tend to be on the move a lot — especially when I want to get excited video. So, I have invested in some accessories that are considered more ‘active’ wear options so that I can be comfortable and my gear can be safer on the go. One of these accessories is the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit REVIEW


The SpiderLight Backpacker Kit is a special holster from SpiderHolster that allows you to strap your camera to a backpack. The ‘light’ part is designed specifically for smaller cameras like mirrorless cameras and GoPro camera systems. The kit is designed to allow the user to wear the holster on their belt or their backpack strap. The signature SpiderHolster design makes it possible for you to go from hip to pack at a moment’s notice.

In addition to the backpack strap, you can also attach it to the kit to a messenger bag strap. The holster locks into place so that your camera stays secure. There is a Velcro elastic strap that keeps lenses secure. As mentioned above, the SpiderLight Backpack Kit is fully compatible with GoPro. To attach the GoPro, you simply remove the metal SpiderLight Holster and add the GoPro compatibility clip. The kit includes One (1) SpiderLight Holster, One (1) SpiderLight Camera Plate, and One (1) SpiderLight Backpack Plate & Pad.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit REVIEW

User Experience

The main reason I wanted the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit was for the GoPro compatibility. Attaching the backplate and pad to a backpack strap should be a fairly easy process. The backplate snaps in around the backpack strap but if it’s a thick strap, then you might have a hard time getting to attach. One of the times I place the backplate on a backpack, it was on a laptop backpack that had wide, thick straps. It was a bear to get it to click into place but once I did, it stayed in place. This wasn’t a problem with all the bags I attached it to, so if you carefully choose which bag you are using it on, you should be fine.

As I mentioned, I really wanted the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit for use with a GoPro. I have a GoPro Hero 4 and the GoPro compatibility clip worked perfectly with it. I had the opportunity to test this system out on my last trip to Florida. Not only did I use the GoPro camera for sightseeing, but I also used it during a convention. The convention was crowded but the SpiderLight Backpacker Kit performed admirably. I didn’t notice it working its way loose and the GoPro was never inaccessible. It was very easy for me to reach up and press the record button. One of the benefits of wearing your GoPro in this matter is staying hidden. The tiny camera does a great job of blending in.

SpiderLight Backpacker Kit REVIEW


The SpiderLight Backpacker Kit is a great add-on product for any photographer — especially ones that are on the go. It can be used in a variety of scenarios and it’s easy to work with. One of the best things about the backpacker kit is that you can leave it permanently attached to a backpack so that it’s there when you need it and it really doesn’t get in the way when you don’t. I can recommend this to any level of user but be cautious if you want to use with a larger camera since it’s designed for the smaller cameras.

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