Industry Leading Camera-Carrying Solutions Provider Showcases SpiderPro V2 for the First Time at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

Spider Camera Holster, a leading supplier of ergonomic camera-carrying solutions for photographers worldwide, announced today the launch of its newest product line, the SpiderPro V2. Designed by professional photographers, The SpiderPro V2 follows the popular launch of the original SpiderPro in 2009.

The entire SpiderPro V2 line is designed to protect photographers from neck, shoulder and back strain that photographers with heavy DSLRs frequently face, allowing photographers the comfort they need to capture the perfect shot every time. The improved SpiderPro V2 Plate now features anti-slip rubber grips, an anti-twist pin composed of stainless steel for increased strength and an improved design for a seamless carrying experience. Compatible with any tripod, the SpiderPro V2 Plate’s design includes two universal connections suitable for any tripod plate.

The SpiderPro V2 Holster is made of aluminum, stainless steel and features a two-position lock for enhanced security. The SpiderPro V2 Belt design has also been updated to easily adjust for size and comfort, fitting users with waist sizes of 28-50 inches. The SpiderPro V2 Belt is included in both the SpiderPro Single Camera System and Dual Camera System, allowing photographers to carry two cameras.

“The SpiderPro V2 is the latest in our line of ergonomic camera-carrying solutions that are precisely engineered to benefit professional photographers with heavy DSLRs,” said Shai Eynav, Founder and CEO of Spider Camera Holster. “The original SpiderPro launched in 2009 and we’ve heard from our customers around the world about their desire for a second version. Today is an exciting day for both Spider Holster and photographers worldwide looking for the latest addition to their repertoire.”

The SpiderPro V2 is available exclusively at WPPI 2018 and will be available worldwide in March 2018.

Pricing and features for each set are:

  • SpiderPro Plate V2 – $35.00
  • SpiderPro Box Set V2 – $115.00
    • Includes the SpiderPro Holster V2 and SpiderPro Plate V2
  • SpiderPro Single Camera System (SCS) V2 – $150.00
    • Includes the SpiderPro Holster V2, SpiderPro Plate V2, and SpiderPro Belt V2
  • SpiderPro Dual Camera System (DCS) V2 – $265.00
    • Includes the SpiderPro Holster V2, SpiderPro Plate V2, SpiderPro Belt V2, SpiderPro Pad V2 and SpiderPro Lens Collar Plate, designed for carrying long lenses for a safer and more balanced carry

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