Stellar Speed Up Mac restores speed to the Mac.

As powerful as they are, Mac computers are still susceptible to periodic speed bumps like corrupt files, too many widgets, cache, log and temporary files, and applications running in the background. Because I use my MacBook Pro for app testing and writing, I do experience some lag from time to time. It is easy to accumulate those files that contribute to slow down when you are frequently using a machine to do tasks like app testing or web browsing. There are utilities that will assist you with cleaning unwanted files from your computer – one of those is Stellar’s Speed Up Mac.

Stellar’s Speed Up Mac is designed to clean up your Mac by removing unwanted files that collect on your Mac. Currently on version 2.5, Speed Up was created by Stellar Data Recovery to enhance the performance of Mac computers. The software helps users to regain valuable hard drive space by removing duplicate files, cache files, universal binaries, language files and more from Mac computers.

Speed Up Mac-SS1I found Speed Up Mac to be very easy to use. When it first starts up, you are met with a screen that has a large button blinking blue that says, “Speed Up Now.” Upon clicking this button, your computer is scanned for the aforementioned unwanted files. The app provides you with a detailed report in the form of a list that explains what files are present on your computer. Users can then select what file categories, or even single files, should be kept and deleted. The process of using Speed Up Mac takes only about 10-15 minutes the first time you use it.

When I first came across this utility, I was not sure that it was something I needed. My MacBook Pro runs great and I did not perceive that something like this app would provide much help. That was my opinion until I used it. As I mentioned earlier, I have noticed lag, but thought that was symptomatic of slow Internet or used up memory. The thought about unwanted files that were being stored on my computer had not crossed my mind.

Speed Up Mac has helped my productivity and restored the snappiness to my Mac. Speed Up Mac has a free demo download available on The demo version provides the scan of the computer and shows users the report of unwanted files, but does not allow the deletion of files until purchase of a license is made.

The license purchase also includes the utilities, Clean Up Mac and Uninstaller. Clean Up Mac is similar to Speed Up Mac, but works with all secondary volumes including external drives attached to your Mac, whereas Speed Up Mac is designed to only work for the Boot Volume. Uninstaller provides a drag and drop utility that scans selected applications and its associated files then completely uninstalls them from the computer.

Speed Up Mac retails for $29 (USD) and can be purchased through I recommenced this utility to anyone who uses a Mac. Our Macs are powerful, but every once in a while, they still need a tune-up.