Speak & Translate Mac App ideal addition for business professionals.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for a couple of weeks. We were traveling to places that weren’t well-populated and many people didn’t speak English. Unfortunately for me, the only foreign language class I studied in high school was French and only a couple of places we were going use French conversationally. Having the technology I have now would have made communication a lot easier. Developer, Apalon Apps, has a wonderful suite of translation apps called Speak & Translate. These apps are designed specifically to work with Apple’s ecosystem and are extremely user friendly. We had the opportunity to review the iOS version quite a few months ago and today, we are going to introduce you to the Mac Version.

Speak & Translate Mac App Review

I will admit that I felt like this app was really well-suited for a mobile device, but wasn’t sure why it was needed for the Mac. Then, I realized how many times I end up using services like Google Translate to find out the meaning of something from China or Mexico while I’m responding to emails. Having a desktop client that is specifically designed to work with my OS is fantastic. It gives you the freedom to translate website content, reading and composing documents, and chatting quickly. Speak & Translate for Mac offers a wide variety of language translations (100 languages for text to text translations, 41 languages for text to speech translations, and 42 languages for speech to speech translations). The app also offers language detection and translates long paragraphs up to 1,500 characters.

Speak & Translate Mac App Review

For me, I knew this app was a winner when I saw that it installed with a Menu Bar utility. This is an option I wish more apps provided. It’s great for when you have a quick word or phrase you want to translate, but don’t want to switch to the full app’s interface. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.

Speak & Translate Mac App ReviewSpeak & Translate for Mac has several different methods for foreign language translation. First, you can use dictation. You simply enable the option by clicking on the toggle in the bottom right-hand section of the screen. This opens up your microphone and the app will automatically detect when you are speaking and when you stop. Then, it displays the proper text for you to use in your pre-selected language. Second, you can simply enter text and have the app give you the proper translation. I tried several different common phrases and had the app translate it to French since I already have some experience with the language. I found that Speak & Translate was very accurate with its translations.

The third method that Apalon Apps provided for users, and the one that was most intriguing to me, was the add-on for Contextual Menus. If you highlight a word in any area of your Mac and right-click (CNTL + click), you will see a pop-up menu and several options for looking the word up in the Dictionary or editing tools like Cut, Copy, and Paste. You will also see an option for “Translate with Speak & Translate” in the menu. When you select this option, the word, or words, will appear in the Menu Bar version of the app. This is great because it doesn’t open up the full app, which intrudes on your workflow. If you are simply reading through a document and need to look up one or two words, this is a great option.

Apalon Apps does a great job of integrating apps between iOS and Mac versions. They really take the differences and similarities into consideration and develop solid apps that work seamlessly together. I have found this same attention to detail was used when Speak & Translate was developed for Mac. There is a handoff feature that allows you to keep using the app without interruption when you switch between your Mac and iPhone or iPad. In addition to that, Speak & Translate was developed with iCloud integration, which means that a history of your translations is synced across all your Apple devices.

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Speak & Translate is the ideal app to add into any professional workflow. It’s a very handy tool and it’s available at a moment’s notice. The care that was taken with the design of the app is obvious and all of the details that are included truly make Speak & Translate a user-friendly app system.


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